About us

New Topper Limited have have been working as a shell button specialist in Hong Kong with very strong co-operation with the factory which is proud of the most excellent quality and biggest market share in Japan and the one in Vietnam which is one of the world largest shell button factory from 1995.

At Ho-Chi-Minh Airport with our group members.
Y.Yamada at our High-Tech factory in Japan.
Checking laser work. Making the art work.

Our business is concentrated on Real Shell Button that includes very expensive high quality items, medium range items and less expensive mass productions for worldwide market.
For example we handle shell buttons including many special fancy shape with Trochus, Black MOP, Brown MOP and White MOP (thousands of different shapes and sizes) as our regular item with mostly ready stock and no minimum order quantity. Also order-made special needle engraving or laser engraving shell buttons with excellent final finishing is also one of our outstanding strength. At the same time, we are capable to supply mass productions with consistent good quality and quick delivery. (Trochus, Java, MOP, River shell, Abalone, Agoya etc.)

With above strengths and our worldwide business network, we believe that we can find the most suitable and attractive shell buttons for you.
Please feel free to contact us by E-mail. newtoper@exshellbutton.com

On the other hand, we welcome any shell button offers from shell button manufacturers and whole sellers.
Please introduce your strongest item, ready stock, new developing items etc. We will try our best to promote your items and find the customers.
Also we welcome the offers for raw shell material and shell button blanks.

Trochus shell button blanks

Both sides ground Both sides ground Just cut

Any question or inquiries, please contact newtoper@exshellbutton.com