High thickness Shell Buttons

Possible with Trochus, White MOP and River shell.

Following is for your reference of thickness, shape and back.
High thickness makes very deep shape possible.

River shell River shell River shell River shell River shell
GO5 16L 3.5mm 100/4H 14L 3.5mm RS-C 16L 4mm RS-D 18L 4mm RS-E 18L 4mm
Rounded edge on the back Normal back Special round back Normal back Round back

Before, once you requested very high thickness with shell buttons, we always faced difficulties to make the button straight. If the buttons were crooked, button holes also would lose control.



With making the most of skillful labor in our very well organized factory, now we have achieved quite high standard of straight high thickness shell buttons.



(Trochus 16L 4mm)

High thickness natural shape shell buttons.

(Each pieces have different shape and thickness.)

Natural(Beige), White and Smoked color are available.
*Smoked color can not be very consistent because of material characteristic.*

Tunnel Hole (available 18-40L)

Color reference
Left ; White
Right ; Smoked
Bottom ; Natural(Beige)
Side view of tunnel hole buttons.
2 Holes (available 18-40L)  
Side view of 2 hole buttons.    

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