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10 years of clothing experience how to take women's clothing supply does not suffer

2018-01-10 01:36:00

First, take the goods season Take the goods season is the most headache for women's clothing sellers, all year round, blooming spring clothing, cool summer clothing, cool autumn clothing, warm winter clothing, when should be on what goods? The season of the general market will be 1-2 months earlier than the actual, and winter has not yet arrived. Cotton-padded jackets, down jackets are all on the shelves. So, you can go to the market a month in advance, and you will see what to take. Personal advice, do not enter the summer clothes first, because just opened the year, the price of summer clothes is not generally high, it is recommended that a number of summer clothes on the market after half a month on the summer clothes, so that the price has basically been adjusted. Until the middle of August on the autumn clothing, you can first on some charge to catch profits, at the end of September a large number of goods, get the clearance price, you can press to the spring clothing when sold, winter clothing in the middle of September, this master is good to grasp, if the South of the master, I suggest that the winter clothing directly ignore. In addition, out-of-season clothes, take some goods is also good, this time are very cheap, especially foreign trade, daily order. The style won't go out of style quickly. It will be available next year. They're also welcome to take them back for special offers. Sufficient funds can be, otherwise do not risk the pressure of money, hey hey, of course, business must be careful. Second, take the size of women's goods source size, this problem seems to be more troublesome oh, I do not know if you have encountered such guests, you have M size, he wants L size, you have L size, he wants M size, but the clothes are almost all can be worn. Generally speaking, women's clothing supply is divided into M, L, XL. If you're a big seller with enough money and good business, I suggest you get the full number. Because of the full number, you can bargain with women's supply wholesalers, wholesalers also like to hand delivery, that is, to take the size of the full, what number he has, what color you have to take, so that you can give you a very low price. On the contrary, it may be difficult to bargain... If it is a small seller, I suggest that when taking the goods, you should take the size of your main customer a size larger, and the pants should be careful. Or your position is to serve fat or thin MM. That's good to say, but such sellers are still a minority, so try to take the medium size, it is a safe way. Because the medium code said the average code is almost, not afraid to come back to sell. No longer, just take the uniform size of women's wear, so that when you encounter a buyer is not suitable, you do not always regret, these are no way. There is another way, is to take a piece of each good, what sold to replace what. But the biggest disadvantage of doing so is that it is easy to be out of stock, especially foreign trade, tail items. And then there's the pants, which are more difficult to get, and it's not as good as the clothes that you can almost wear, and the pants come in many sizes. Also divided into middle waist, low waist, when selling trouble! So how do we get the goods? Compromise. It might sell. Buyers buy pants to buy the right, I suggest you can take more commonly sold, or medium size. And the general quantity of women's pants of wholesalers is very sufficient, and the key number is relatively convenient. In the winter, you can take a larger size than usual, because they need pantypants. Finally cut the code mark, so that guests can not find fault. There's a better chance of a deal this way. Third, take the color of this completely depends on personal preferences, I believe that everyone is taking their own likes, and then be praised "your clothes are so beautiful oh" began to believe their own vision, a little smug, but difficult to tune, or listen to the views of buyers oh. During the conversation, you can ask the buyer to reveal a little, or do a little research. Fourth, take the goods to distinguish mainly look at the workmanship, feel, fabric, needle and thread, and tag, what English, Korean, Japanese and other national characters of the tag are floating clouds (tag is also so a few cents) there is no need to spend more money for the cloud. If someone tells you that it is the tail of a foreign trade order and gives you a high price, please ignore it. Why? What is a foreign trade list? Is a foreign trade list a good thing? In fact, the Middle East single, the Philippines single, this kind of foreign trade single, can be said to be very poor, European single and Japan single things can also be, foreign trade tail single has several situations: first, the customer runs the single, so that the worker for the circulation of funds, the batch of goods jump to the tail goods, and they go to find a market. Second, the production of more, the customer under 10,000 pieces, then the worker in order to prevent defective products and delay the delivery time, will produce 10050 pieces out, and these 50 pieces of goods, the customer will not receive, the worker stored in the warehouse, to a certain time to clear. These two points are more common end orders, since it is the end of the goods, the price problem, you should also know. Next, simply say a few: 1, daily order: it is easy to distinguish whether there is a day wash label, Japanese tags and so on. If these are not, it depends on your vision, see the work of clothes, as well as feel, style, etc., for a long time, it is naturally easy to distinguish. 2, brand merchandising: Generally brand things, now on the market a lot, are generally sent abroad, or exports, such clothes are very good quality, look very beautiful. The price is also very fair, is the first choice of many buyers, this is also to see the work, the general documentary things, the work is very good. 3, goods: can be seen at a glance, like Tianle, the first floor are women's goods, the second floor is foreign trade, brand documentary, day single. The quality of women's clothing supply is also good, that is, there is no exquisite foreign trade. The advantage is that the quantity of goods is sufficient, unlike foreign trade, the daily order of things, relatively few, it is easy to break the stock, and there is no after sending a batch. The quality requirements of foreign trade single high-grade goods: first, the fabric requirements, cotton as an example: the cotton content can not be less than 95%, the dyeing requirements under the dye, the color fastness requirements 3.5 level (the highest level 4) cloth without defects, uniform color, no color difference. Second, needle and thread requirements, the suture line should be thin, and the interval between the two stitches should not exceed 1.25px. Third, the work requirements, the line is stable, no broken connection, each process to complete the needle error shall not exceed 5%, these are the basic requirements of foreign trade orders. Mid-range goods, the workmanship requirements are fine lines, 2 needles are 2.5px apart, the line is stable, no broken connection, and the error of the number of needles completed in each process shall not exceed 8%. Low-grade goods, work for thick line, 2 needles separated by 0.3-0.5; No requirement. In terms of taking goods skills, it is recommended that the morning of Monday to Friday, this time is the best time to take goods in the market. The general wholesale market is opened around 9 o 'clock, if you can't get up so early, go to 10 o 'clock, you can also, but it is best not to go on Saturday and Sunday, there are many people, holiday prices will be high. Because the wholesale market usually closes early, around three o 'clock, at noon is the most people, carrying a big bag is very inconvenient. It is recommended to bring a small cart, two wheels, which can be folded and pulled up like a suitcase. People who have been to the wholesale market should have seen, in fact, MM to get their own goods, very tired, especially the winter clothes are thick and heavy. For us, it is a difficult task, if conditions, it is best to boyfriend when the backpack. Oh really no, prepare a car, very convenient. It usually sells about 20-30. Looking at you pushing a small car, the boss of the wholesale market will certainly think that it is a big customer. Ask each of them, and I'll give you the lowest price. But there is a relatively exception to the case, to the thirteenth line to get the goods, I recommend not to take the car, take the car to powder is easy to be killed. I opened a file in thirteen lines, met such a master, across a backpack, asked the price of two models, point a model to 5 pieces, later said that it was too troublesome, asked me to write down what he wanted, and did not say the number of pieces, at that time I thought he was a packer, what explosive, new models are introduced to him, he finished, I wrote a good price, gave me a shock number of pieces, All one, at that time I was a little depressed, but the price has been opened, have to sell, of course, also sell, so he a model a piece, to go my packaging price, and the customer next replenishment is also a piece, but I still give him the package price, because such guests give people feel simply, do not drag. Thirteen lines to take goods taboo, do not push the car, do not ask every model. For most of the clothing owners and owners who often go to the field market to purchase goods, taking goods online can be said to be a Gospel, which can not only save time and travel costs, but most importantly, save a lot of physical strength and energy. Thousands of miles for most women is not safe, in fact, through the online purchase is also a very good choice. Personal advice on 59 network (), including more cities, complete file mouth, rich commodities, novel style...... Since there is time for advertising, it is inconvenient to say more, I hope you can understand. Here are the advantages of taking goods online: First, there are many styles and new, it is important to keep up with the trend of clothing styles. There is no distance in the space on the network, you can see the goods in the market this minute, the next second to see the goods in the market, and soon you can grasp the latest styles of the popular front lines such as, etc. Second, flexible, online purchase options are large, you can buy at any time, do not have to go to the wholesale market to purchase and close the door. And the bulk requirements are low, even if only 5-10 pieces of clothing can enjoy the wholesale price, 59 network has to provide a hair service, is a good choice. Third, price transparency, the price transparency on the network is very high, and the competition between businesses and businesses is also large, so there is no need to worry about getting expensive. In addition, because the website is often purchased from the clothing production base (such as) and other places, it is equivalent to bypassing the local middlemen or agents, and the price is often cheaper than going to the local clothing wholesale market. 59 network has the same price comparison function, let you get the most affordable price. Fourth, provincial travel fees, accommodation fees and other expenses. Online purchase can save a lot of travel costs and accommodation costs, although there will be goods transportation costs but compared to the person to go to the road costs much less. Fifth, the service is guaranteed, many businesses currently support 7-day package return, exchangeable styles, refundable cash and other integrity services, if you do not have confidence in the business, the first time you can take a little bit less to try the water.