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6 exclusive recipes to quickly remove blackheads

2018-04-23 19:12:57

Due to the secretion of oil and then the accumulation of dirt, so that the pores are blocked, and then the formation of blackheads, in fact, blackheads are not eliminated, as long as we have a proper method, pay attention to the details of the exclusive secret recipe for blackheads, salt and milk to blackheads is best to use unused salt, 2 each time with 4-5 drops of milk with salt, massage in the salt semi-dissolved state, 3 because the salt is completely dissolved, There are still particles, massage should be very light after 4 and a half minutes with wash off 5 In order to let the skin secrete clean oil protection, so after washing do not wipe anything to protect, blackhead exclusive secret recipe 2, with pearl powder to blackhead 1 in the medicine to buy superior pearl powder, 2 take the appropriate amount of pearl powder into a small dish, add the appropriate amount of water, the pearl powder into paste, 3 Put the pearl powder on the face, 4 massage on the face massage, until the pearl powder is dry, and then wash it off 5 times a week, can remove the aging horn and blackhead to blackhead exclusive secret recipe three, rice each time steamed rice pinch a small group on the face gently, when the face wipe dirty things into the wash. To blackhead exclusive secret recipe four, the inner layer of the egg shell to blackhead the inner layer of the egg shell, carefully tear off the nose, and so on after dry tear off, super simple good method. Five, egg white to blackhead, 1 prepare a clean cotton pad, tear the original thick cotton pad into a thinner sheet, the thinner the better 2 open an egg, separate the white and yolk, leave the egg part for use, 3 tear the thinner cotton into the white, Drain lightly and leave the account on the tip of your nose for 10 to 15 minutes until the cotton pad has dried and carefully peel it off. After cleaning the face, start to massage the blackhead on the nose with baby oil, about 2 and a half hours, feel that there are some small particles on the fingers, in fact, blackhead oil is massaged out, wipe off the joint massage with tissues, 3 about an hour later, clean the skin with astringent water.