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2018-01-09 09:36:00

Dedicated to the friends who want to go to Sichuan and Chongqing, I hope it can help you:) The accommodation is booked in 7 days (I am a fan of 7 days, but not a tuo, do not like to smash) 10.15-10.1810.15 after 11 o 'clock, take the airport bus to the city, about 40 minutes. The route of the airport bus is Airport - California Garden - Foreign Trade Building (Customs?) - Shangqing Temple, ticket 15 yuan/person. Foreign Trade building must be the customs? I remember that the bus stop sign of the airport said customs, but the station was reported as Foreign Trade building, which led us to miss the stop to Shangqing Temple. There is a 7-day stop at Shangqing Temple, but I booked a 7-day Guanyin Bridge (next to the hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, next to a Hai You Hanting Inn), can only return by taxi. When getting off at Shangqing Temple, ask the people nearby, tell us to go to the hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine to more than 20 yuan, in fact, the starting price is on the table. If you arrive after 10 PM by evening flight, it is recommended to stay near Shangqing Temple on the first night. The transportation near Shangqing Temple is also convenient. (Due to lack of careful understanding, because the airport was in so the first night stayed. In fact, very close to the area) 10-16 changed to the 7-day monument (next to the small word commodity city), from the Guanyin bridge took a taxi in the past 20 yuan (more traffic jams on the road, if there is no traffic jam, it should be enough about 16 yuan?) Next to it is Hongya Cave and Arahan Temple on a 5-minute walk, and it is about a 10-minute walk to the monument. Around the bus station is also a lot (small word commodity city/Hongya cave/small word), travel is more convenient, next to 100 meters there is Carrefour, 150 meters within a single hand Liu hot pot (taste and feel general), all aspects are more convenient. Because we are slow to swim, and stay in a relatively short time, only to Hongya cave, dynasty, monument, CiQikou and 18 ladder. Just a quick assessment. Hongya Cave: It should be a business district with characteristics. It is built on the side of the river and is very beautiful. It is worth visiting. The night view is great. Chao: It's a bit far to walk from Hongya Cave to Chao, about half an hour? In Xiao Shi Word there are very many buses to the dynasty. Here you can see the intersection of the Yangtze River and the river, you can also take a boat night tour to see the scenery of the two rivers (the price ranges from 60 to several hundred). Online comments say that the night is more beautiful than Hong Kong and the city, perhaps because yes, the height of the buildings is uneven, the night looks more charming. Unfortunately, BF said that the night view is the same, so we did not have a night tour. Magnetic port: From the Hongyadong bus stop next to the wine can take 261 directly to the magnetic port, after getting off and walking back a little is the main gate of magnetic port. Compared with Jin Li, many things in Jin Li have magnetic mouth, but the price of magnetic mouth is much cheaper. We didn't go to Bai Mansion and Refuse Pit, but instead played directly in CiQikou, so CiQikou walked more carefully and walked through many of the town's living areas and alleys, feeling Ciqikou was more fun. If you travel slowly, you can walk around and see the old people and cats and dogs chatting in the sun in the ancient town. To the magnetic mouth near the dock to eat, the dock there are selling vegetarian dolls, you can color according to your preferences (10 yuan), young couples can work together to complete a work. Small town personal feeling more characteristic of the baubles: Chen Mahua, chicken gizmo, idle painting Chen Mahua: There are several Chen Mahua in the town, and the one with the longest queue is said to be the most delicious, called Chen Changyin Mahua. It seems that (BF said it was indeed more delicious than the Chen Mahua we bought before), but because there were too many people, we went to the one near the front that said Chen Changyin Mahua was old, which should be the same, but the types of tastes were monotonous, only sweet and salty. It does not seem that there are more total species. When we were discussing which one to buy, an old man in the ancient town said surprisingly: "All are made of flour, how much difference can there be?" So as for the choice, we all have different opinions. Chicken gibs: The reputation of chicken gibs at the mouth of the magnet is relatively large, and the rice inside is operated. There is a town called chicken, on CCTV-2, asked some friends, praise and criticism, the only unified view is that the taste is heavy ah ~ that hot and sour, careful! Leisure painting: There is a tour of the river leisure painting has more characteristics, I heard that it is also a little famous. Is some of the life of the casual painting, the price ranges from 15 yuan to several hundred yuan, and the scene portrait, 50 yuan/person, I think it is very distinctive, may wish to take a look. Ladder 18: Near the entrance of the subway, it is a miniature of the life of the elderly. I heard that it will be demolished soon. Eighteen ladder is now very defeated, very dirty and messy, like stuck in the 80s. I think it is a slum, in the 18th ladder to see the outer high-rise forest, a different taste. PS bus is divided into ordinary cars and intermediate cars (it seems that there are advanced cars), there are 1 yuan and 2 yuan. Due to the special geographical location, many roads are one-way. The starting price of the taxi is 8 yuan, 1.8 per kilometer (note here that the taxi is allowed to carpool, when leaving, from Hongya cave taxi to the North Railway Station 15 yuan or so, the driver stopped countless times to ask the roadside people want to carpool, let me almost collapse!) 10.18-10.2418 afternoon, from the north to the east by bullet train, the ticket price is 98 yuan, about 2 hours to arrive. (There are two kinds of bullet trains from to, one is to, one is to the east, the time is different, the place is different, dear attention) the North station is what we usually call the station, there is the subway. The East station is newly opened, the square is still under renovation, there is no subway, and there are more bus lines. It takes about 40 minutes by car from East Station to the vicinity of Kuanzhai Alley. The first one booked this time is the 7-day wide and narrow alley, next to Lutianhua Building, from the North Train station (station) you can take No. 54 to the west of Huaishu Street. This is not far from the wide and narrow alley, about 10 minutes' walk, but it is not recommended to live here, and individuals prefer to live in the temple later. The reasons are as follows: 1 Wide and narrow lane personal feeling 2 or 3 hours is enough, I did not go to the second time after shopping (in this 4 days). 2 The service attitude of wide and narrow alleys is general, and there are few places to eat around, no large supermarkets, it is very inconvenient to eat and buy things. Friends said around is the office area and selling building materials kitchen and bathroom, not the living area. We are a foodie, see online there are a lot of places to eat, Jin Li, Wenshu hospital near a lot, and some people think that the area to eat relatively more (more agree with this statement, later lived in the temple, from the temple and Jin Li are very close, go out is not far to play, next to the food is very much, eat enough) 3 temple from the airport bus station Minshan rice taxi as long as the starting price, It's less than two kilometers away. It's easier. Long-winded for a long time, sum up some experience of this tour: 1 Dujiangyan and Qingcheng Mountain: Qingcheng Mountain and Dujiangyan tickets 90 yuan each, buy the two joint tickets is 160, it is recommended not to arrange a day to play, otherwise it will be angry, and passing. We did it twice. We took the bullet train. There is a bullet train to Qingcheng Mountain at the North Railway Station. It costs 15 yuan and takes about 50 minutes to get there. Dujiangyan is the previous station of Qingcheng Mountain, and the ticket price is also 15. From the train station, there is a direct bus to the scenic area, do not listen to those black people at the door. Qingcheng Mountain: Qingcheng Mountain is divided into the front mountain and the back mountain, and there is a bus to the gate of the high-speed rail station, without taking a private car. The front hill is mainly a Taoist temple, the scenery is also very good, the air is very, very good. Back mountain is heard more climbing, more fun, but more tired. We climbed the front mountain, it is recommended to climb up, you can sit down the cableway. (35 one way, 60 round trip) If you take the ropeway up the mountain, you will miss a lot of scenery. We followed the route provided by a traveler we saw on the Internet: mountain gate - natural picture - Quanzhen View - Five holes of heaven - Tianshi Cave - Ancestral Master Hall - Laojun Pavilion - Upper Qing Palace. This route basically covers most of the representative scenic spots, if you climb up, it takes about 2-3 hours. Ticket office 5 yuan a map do not buy, waste of money. We wandered around without a guide. We went on Friday, there are not many people, but when we come back, there is no seat ticket, all are standing tickets, so it is recommended that you can buy a return ticket when you leave the station, or climb the mountain and stand for 50 minutes back, it is quite a tough thing. Qingcheng Mountain suggested to bring dry food ~ On the road and sell the so-called natural stone, about are artificial processing. Dujiangyan: Before you buy a ticket, you can go to the nearby Nanfeng Park. In Dujiangyan, we did not invite a guide, because we heard that the guide invited at the gate only explained the fish's mouth. Because it is Sunday to go, there are many tour groups, you can rub by the way, so basically understand. There are battery cars in the scenic area to sit, from earthquake bridge to fish mouth, one-way 15, round trip 20. In fact, there is no need to take the battery car, because the walk is only half an hour. As for the tour group, personally feel that it is not necessary. Many tour groups are to fish mouth to see the back, there are Yan Gong Lou (considerable Dujiangyan panorama) and Erwang Temple and other attractions directly PASS. Due to poor waist, after visiting the Erwang Temple, I did not continue to climb the mountain in front of me, and directly took the battery car back, which took about 3 hours. 2 Wide and Narrow Alley - Qintai Hometown - Palace - Du Fu Cottage: Wide and narrow alley: Wide and narrow alley is composed of wide alley, narrow alley and Jing alley three alleys, inside bars, cafes, you can ask for a cup of coffee here, turn over a magazine, spend a leisurely time. Wide and narrow lane are very busy, compared with the well lane lonely many ~ there are some snacks, and the old light and shadow. Qintai Hometown: Walk about 15 minutes from the Wide and narrow alley to the Qintai hometown to see the story of Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru. The famous Sichuan opera performance "Shu wind elegant rhyme" pear garden is here, but the ticket is very expensive, there is a discount ticket on the same trip. Palace: The palace is not far from Qintai hometown, about 10 minutes from the cultural park. Ticket 10 yuan, is the Taoist culture, casually wandering down, feeling general. Du Fu's Cottage: The cottage is not too far from the palace, but due to time, we did not go to the ~3 Site Museum: the ticket is 80 yuan, I booked a 20% discount ticket on the same trip. (The online evaluation of the 4D movie is very poor, so I bought a single ticket) inside the explanation is wearing the microphone said, not very good, so visit here suggested please explain, 10 people below is 50 yuan a time. The museum is not a lot of things on display, especially after going to the museum and then coming here, I feel that there are too few things. However, according to the explanation, the site is very large, and the excavation is only the tip of the iceberg. Culture is the inheritance of Sanxingdui culture, personally think there is an opportunity to go to Sanxingdui to see perhaps the harvest is greater. 4 Temple - Kam Lane: Temple tickets 60, we did not go in to see. Jin Li is still very colorful, but the things sold are too expensive ~~ There are a few more distinctive food stalls, we only ate two, one is lotus fragrant house, feel general, pearl bag taste is not good, the head is small, 5 yuan 3, compared to the shrimp dumplings that taste is really far away. A little further inside there is a similar 6 yuan 3, at least a head looks to be twice as big ~ there is a nearby play all food court, foodies should be very like it. There are many scenic spots have opposite through train, I have my own understanding of the list, to save everyone for the car hurt the brain: temple - Site museum has opposite car, to the Caotang seems to have a temple - Panda breeding base temple - Dujiangyan seems to have a temple - Sanxingdui car, everyone to confirm it. From the urban airport bus station Minshan rice to the airport by car, if there is no traffic jam, 40 minutes is enough, and the ticket price seems to be 10 yuan. About food: Old sesame () : the name is true, the point of the slight sesame, it is already a little unbearable, old sesame and old sesame noodles are very delicious, the price is not expensive, affordable. Zhong dumplings: The dumplings taste good, and the dragon is also very good. It is not easy for me, who does not like to eat pasta, to eat it twice. Shu wind elegant rhyme, quintessence of the program comments you can search, to compare Ha. In terms of price, Shu style and elegant charm are much more expensive than Chinese quintessence. Shunxing old teahouse: Near the exhibition, when I spent a lot of effort to find a place, I was told that there was no table without reservation, collapse! It is said that there are Sichuan opera performances in Shunxing every night, and the shows are OK. Temporarily think of such Doha, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. You are welcome to ask questions, if you know, be sure to reply. :)