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A Chinese Western Journey mobile game what is the Min team

2018-04-23 12:48:40

Today, let's talk about the legendary Zhongmin team and unveil the mysterious veil of Zhongmin team for you. In fact, the ease of their own mobile tour is not played in the Min team, limited to material factors is also a large part of the reason, otherwise the ease is likely to try the Min team


In fact, in the mobile game in the Min team there is another name called Kamin team, first of all to roughly understand a hand tour in the Min team


In fact, the characteristics of the Min team is to compress the speed of their 5 characters in a small range, his most critical place has two, one is the blood of the male ghost, and one is a large number of invisible babies.


We all know that in fact, in the mobile game is not PK or the basic task, your opponent's speed will show two states, the first team in the super sensitive unit, the PK in the Min demon, Min fairy, some super sensitive seconds in the task and so on


But in addition it is very likely that the sensitivity of the next monster will be very low, pK negative Min fairy, negative sensitive ghost, blood control, etc., some negative sensitive blood monsters in the task or other low sensitive physical attack monsters and so on.


In fact, there is a large range of speed in the middle is empty, and the Min team is to compress the speed of all its character units within this range, and the mobile game death character units can still be shot without the presence of the summon beast, so that the Min team even if only one male ghost is left


Even if there is only one invisible baby left, you can do a complete output chain through the blood return of the male ghost, play all the negative sensitive units of the opponent between the hands, and completely interrupt the opponent between the ultra-sensitive and low-sensitive units, so as to win, which is sensitive.