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After Windows 10 is updated, the wired network adapter is unavailable and intermittent

2018-04-28 08:00:13

After I updated to win10, the driver display is normal, the cable network card can not be used, plug in the network cable intermittently, occasionally display is connected to the internet, and then the cable is gone. Check by connecting the router, the number is normal, and then confirm through the U disk system that the network card is normal, so it is suspected that the driver is related to the problem.


win 10 Computer


After passing the elimination, I have suspected that it is the driver problem. I checked the documents and found that it should be caused by updating to win 10, but I could not roll back the driver, and the previous win 8 driver could not be used normally after I logged it on the official website. I thought I should remove all the installed drivers and try again.


First of all, we try to delete the previous driver file, this computer "properties" device manager "wired network card" right click "driver" driver details.


Find the detailed location of the driver file


The faulty NIC is disabled


Delete the file we found in step 3. To do this, you must disable the network card and close all Windows of the device manager.


Uninstall (this step may not be done)


This article is based on experience

Matters needing attention

The step to remove the driver needs to be done several times, because we may have more driver versions installed on the computer.