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BEC Business English Advanced reading full score preparation experience

2018-03-01 17:36:00

Reading in BEC Business English is often regarded by candidates as the most crucial link to pass the exam. Xiaobi, who took the advanced exam last November, agrees with this view very much and has achieved full marks in reading after effective preparation. Below, Xiaobian will share with you how to prepare for BEC Advanced Reading.


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First of all, we should realize that reading is the most familiar part of BEC exam. At least since junior high school, we have been exposed to English reading questions, so it is not too strange. Compared with the other three parts, reading is the one we need to prepare well and strive for high scores.


Next, we need to prepare some basic business knowledge for the reading problem, which requires the help of relevant textbooks. The most classic textbook, shown here, has been used for many years, but it is relatively backward.


The latest textbook is shown below. Xiaobian two sets of textbooks have been bought, but in the end it is mainly based on new textbooks, after all, knowledge has been updated and developed, we should also keep pace with The Times. It should be noted that if you do not know anything about business English, you must study the material well. If you already have a good foundation of business English, you can do the questions directly without using the textbook.


When you do the reading problem, be sure to keep a good time. The reading section is one hour long and consists of six sections. At the same time, when doing the question, the order of doing the question should be adjusted appropriately according to the individual situation. Take Xiaobian himself as an example, I think the second part is the most difficult, so I will do it last. This can improve the scoring rate and make full use of the exam time.


It is very important to sort out and summarize after finishing the topic every time, not summarizing is like passing through, and learning no knowledge. Summary here refers to the new words, phrases and so on to copy down and recite familiar. Later should also try to summarize their own routine.


In addition, here Xiaobian also recommend a method of recording results. Draw a table and record your achievements each time you do the question, so that you can find the problem more intuitively, sum up experience, and improve the correct rate.

Matters needing attention

Accumulate basic knowledge of business English


Practice hard