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Blu-ray U disk installation system use method

2018-04-27 17:36:08

Nowadays, more and more computers are designed without optical drive, which also makes installing the system through the USB disk become the most important system installation method. However, the ordinary USB disk installation system requires the production of USB disk startup disk, in the production process requires a large number of complex steps, at the same time, after the completion of the production, in the use of USB disk installation and startup, but also need to carry out complex BIOS Settings, these troublesome lock steps make most people discouraged. So that the computer installed system this matter has become a few people will have technology. In order to change this status quo, so that everyone can install their own system, Blu-ray U disk has made some efforts and changes. Blu-ray U disk uses the original U disk startup technology and the installation interface, the process of U disk installation system is greatly simplified, for most computers only need at least two steps to complete the installation of the entire system. Really fast, easy, simple. For a novice who lacks computer expertise, it is also possible to install a computer system independently. Below, let's take a look at how to use Blu-ray U disk to install the computer system, the following method is used to boot the system from the U disk.


Blu-ray USB flash drive


System file


First shut down, insert the USB flash drive into the USB port, and then press the power switch. After pressing the power switch, there will be two situations: 1, the computer directly enters the "third boot interface". 2, within 5 seconds, if you do not enter the "boot boot interface", you need to press the hot key to enter the second step for selection, and then enter the "boot boot interface of the third step" * Press the hot key method: press to release, and press continuously. * Select hotkey method: Generally press F2/F12/Delete. If the above three keys are invalid, you need to select the hot key according to the different motherboard brand/notebook brand/desktop brand, specific reference to the following table.


Select the boot device menu and enter through the hotkey, the interface similar to the following figure will appear. 1. Preferentially select the option starting with the 'UEFI' letter. 2. If the 'UEFI' option is not available, select the option beginning with the 'Legacy' letter. 3, if the above two options are not available, then select 'USB HDD', the option that begins with the letter.


Select the boot option to enter the boot boot screen, as shown in the following figure. Boot options description: 1. Start Win8PE installation: If your model is newer, please select this option to enter the PE system. 2. Start the Win2003PE installation: 3. Start the USB acceleration installation (for old machines) : If your model is older and slow, please select this option to enter the PE system. 4. Installation toolbox: If you are an installation master, you can choose this option, the toolbox has a wealth of installation tools for you to use, if you are a novice can ignore this function. 5. If you suddenly do not want to install the operation, please select this option, the computer will boot into the original system through the C disk, without any modification to the computer. Tips: If you select the first or second option, the screen turns black and cannot enter the desktop interface, please click the F8 key continuously.


Select the operating system After entering the PE system, the operating system selection interface will pop up. Select the system you want to install (multiple operating systems can be placed for selection). If no, please put the system file into the USB flash drive in advance, as shown in the following figure.


Select the software to install After selecting the operating system, the software installation interface will appear. Select the software you want to install and click Next.


Automatic installation system Next Blu-ray USB flash drive will install the operating system for you. Specific steps include: Partition - System installation - Scan pre-installed software - Clean pre-installed software * If you have two hard drives, the Blu-ray USB flash drive will prompt you to select the system installation hard drive.


After the system is installed and the USB flash drive is removed, the message "Remove the USB flash drive" will be displayed after the software is cleaned. After the USB flash drive is removed, the computer will automatically restart.


This information comes from experience


After the computer restarts, the legitimate software selected in Step 5 will be automatically installed to your computer. At this point, the system installation is complete.

Matters needing attention

For most computers, after starting up, there is no need to set the shortcut key and automatically enter the installed desktop.


There is no system in the Blu-ray U disk, and you need to put the downloaded system into the U disk in advance.


Blu-ray U disk supports all versions of Windows system installation, including Windows XP, Windows 7, doing, WIN8.1, WIN10, etc.