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Buy jade online summed up the experience

2018-01-05 04:48:00

I agree with the theory of buying jade online to buy jade online, some simple and clear views


Jade A cargo


1, what is the real sense of the jade jade is a kind of jewelry, and is generally precious jewelry with diamonds, good jade, the price is comparable with diamonds. You have to figure out what jewelry is, and if it smells like a baby, it's jewelry. Our understanding is that the jade above the ice is the jewelry above the real sense, and the jade that the fruit is the jade is not necessarily the jewelry above the traditional sense, but a kind of stone called jade. When reading philosophy, we often encounter a philosophical problem, broad and narrow meaning, many concepts have different meanings of broad and narrow meaning. Most of the time, the broad concept can make the thinking more broad, but the narrow concept can be more effectively applied to life, and it is also a more real concept. Jewelry-grade jadeite, and stone-grade jadeite, is the difference between the broad sense and the narrow sense above the concept.


2, about farming and color as the saying goes, there is a colorless, colored no seed, between the colors, the kind is more important, or the color is more important? There is a saying: a green is worth a thousand gold, full of green is worth a thousand gold. There is also a saying, called amateurs buy color, experts buy species. The statement is very clear, but many people may think it is a contradiction, but it is not a contradiction. A white and flawless white glass ring, its wearing effect is more beautiful than any carat diamond, its deep inside the noble temperament of the sword, far from the general diamond ring can be compared, so we think that his value, absolutely can be compared with the diamond ring. Although he has no color, it does not affect its existence as a top jewelry. Therefore, it can be the same value of jewelry, but if it turns to pure glass kind of bright green, the same size, the value is far better than the same size of diamonds (there is a word here, called color difference one point, the price difference ten times). Therefore, this second problem, or to undertake the first problem, the color is good, farming is not good, my understanding, he is just a higher value of jewelry, not up to the level of jewelry, gold, far less valuable than the kind of good jade, far less than the collection value. On the basis of good planting and then talking about color, this second problem is easy to understand.


3, jade clean and bright (temperament) For online shopping, we have a necessary reminder, is to buy jade, it is best to buy a clean and bright white jade. Farming, as well as the difference in color, the transaction price of jade, for many friends, is a complete factor in determining the transaction price, but the other ignores a more important issue, the base is clean, we speak of "sweet ", clean, attractive base, compared with the same color of the same level of jade, the price difference is definitely more than ten times.


4, the size of many people say that small pieces of jade is not valuable, in fact, carat diamonds are not large, but does not affect his value, as long as it is to reach the jewelry level of jade, large pieces of natural value, small pieces, is absolutely valuable. Many people wear jade as jewelry, of course, small pieces, there is no charm. Of course, our advice to these non-quality, only size friends is to use feelings to look at jade, rather than using standards. For beauty, there is no standard, no national boundaries, only the shock of beauty to our hearts. Jade, is now in a process of rising all the way, we think that this process will continue. Because jade as jewelry, its history is not long, the development of jade culture, only in the embryonic stage, its scarcity, as well as its advantages compared with other jewelry, as well as its collection value (many gems after a long time to wear, may be dull, but high-grade jade for a long time to wear is not affect its beauty). Moreover, the Chinese culture of jade for 5,000 years, as well as our national enthusiasm for jade, and the enhancement of economic power, have decided that jade as a high-end jewelry, the current high price level is far from only an embryonic stage.


5, craft jewelry without craft, it is not called jewelry, called stone. If the jade is not cut, it can only be called garbage. There are many sellers on the Internet selling jade that claims to be Yangmei jade. Many times, it is not done by Yang Mei, but maybe everyone is not clear, so it is also used to sell. The jade made by Yang Mei is handmade, and the amount is very small due to the influence of the process. Now the online overwhelming Yangmei jade, daily sales, I am afraid that the whole Yangmei made of finished products, are not enough to sell online. Yang beautiful things, it is easy to recognize, without any knowledge, without any standards, there is only one point, engraving is a kind of art, every piece of Yang beautiful jade work, is a piece of art. Of course, if you don't even have the feeling of distinguishing between artworks and rough machine works, at this time, no amount of theory, no amount of explanation will be of no help.


6, the degree of perfection on the value of jade, but also plays a decisive role. In theory, jade can't be perfect. But in fact, as a top pearl jewelry level of jade, we are asking him to be flawless. But not perfect jade, also has his value. Online friends, like to conceptualize. Like the perfect, just ask for perfection, the degree of perfection does not care, only do garbage. Sometimes, as sellers, we find it very funny. Defects, there is also a degree, the acceptable degree, is 0 to 100 points, we can not ask every student to be 100 points,0 points, or 10 points, we will not tolerate, but 70 or 80 points, it is almost enough. More than 90 points, or a rare 100 points, it should be considered a rare animal. Generally speaking, do not have cracks, the stone is not in the obvious position of the jade on the line. Cotton is unavoidable. Of course, the best jade, you can't have cotton. (Do not expect the top, in fact, the top jade, may be more expensive than diamonds, has just said). Sometimes you have to do more than you can do. Fortunately involved in this line, we are very grateful for all the fate, it should be said that our understanding of jade, the network has given us a lot of help, so, I personally feel that it is necessary to put some of their own ideas out, return our network. Of course, these ideas, and the traditional theory, may not be particularly consistent, but I still say it, because I think, jade, just a culture, many established theories, standards, is not necessarily accurate. Moreover, the value of jade has always been determined not by theory or concept, but by the market and the eyes of the public. We buy a lot of things every day, sell a lot of things, and the intimate degree of contact with the market can be said that ordinary people have no opportunity to experience, so be arrogant and say these non-mainstream views. The above view is not comprehensive, but for the friends who have just got involved in jade, I personally think that it is far more practical and clear than those complex written theories.


7, jade positive and evil gas said a bit like the ancient theory of Yin and Yang, in fact, jade has the so-called positive green, there must be the so-called evil green, there is the so-called Yang green, there is the so-called Yin green. Don't say color, just say texture, there are strong gas (glass species), and cold stone gas (dragon stone species), there are weak wind (oil). Online search green, there will be many, but why search Yin evil green, but there is no? In fact, the production and sales of Yin evil green jadeite are far more than 11 million times that of green. Don't underestimate the difference in temperament. Green, like the sun is generally pleasant, Yin evil green, like cold and musty air in general, annoying, try to ask, wear such annoying every day, and it is said that there is a colored, can guarantee the jade, will not make you upset, can not lose, can not wear, wandering around. What's more, some buyers will take the green things, when green to buy back, it will be more ridiculous.

Matters needing attention

In short, in a word, jewelry has always been the patent of women (of course, jade is a special kind of jewelry, which contains the cultural connotation of our Chinese people of five thousand in it, the representative of five virtues, men can also wear). Look at jade, more innate feeling to look at, may take many detours less. For friends who buy jade, the suggestion is that even if the high goods buy expensive, after many years, it will not be too expensive, and the low goods are cheap, after many years, he is still garbage.