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Charm Blue Note5 review: the same price is difficult to match

2018-05-15 04:48:08

If there is no accident, the charm blue Note5 will become the last new product of Meizu in 2016, why did such a big hat give the charm Blue Note5 instead of Meizu PRO 6 Plus? In fact, look at the upcoming double 12 also understand. Every year on December 12, it is another carnival shopping event after Double 11, and a new impulse can bring Meizu's entire 2016 to a successful end.


Magic Blue Note5

Electric energy contrast

Find and Huang Zhang does not eye the same price of Rebus products - Redrice Note 4, which is a product with a long life, standard 4100mAh battery. The comparison test is divided into five parts: online listening to music, online reading, online watching video, online games and continuous talking, each part is 30 minutes. The test results are shown in the figure below. In the five links of the test, the total power consumption of the blue Note5 and Red Rice Note 4 is 30% and 31% respectively, and the gap is very small.


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The appearance continues the design style of Magic blue E, the metal process from the previous generation of plastic + metal three-stage design, replaced by nano injection molding, the new process makes the metal proportion of Magic Blue Note5 larger, the visual effect of the back is more unified, not inferior to three or four thousand high-end metal flagships.


Equipped with 5.5-inch 1080P full HD IPS screen, integrated with 2.5D glass design, plus waist round keys, the whole is still a Meizu face, which should be familiar to friends. The mBack+mTouch combination is still the best Home button solution at present, in addition to fingerprint unlock, also supports/fingerprint payment.


Compared with the mellow charm Blue Note3, charm Blue Note5 is a lot of angular, bringing two different feel, this is the problem of opinion, entangling the feel is best to go to the offline entity to touch. Two CNC highlight cutting edges, so that the charm blue Note5 layer more rich, color to provide starry sky gray, moonlight silver, champagne gold and glacier blue four versions, can also be more selective.


Mediatek P10 octa-core processor, maximum 4GB+64GB memory combination, this hardware configuration friends should be familiar with no more familiar, after all, this year's entire charm Blue series is almost this configuration. Instead of using the well-received Mediatek P20, Li Nan explained that the price of P20 was still relatively high and the cost could not be controlled. Use experience also need not say more, if not the game control, charm blue Note5 is fully enough.

Take a picture

Front 500W pixel lens, with F/2.0 large aperture, support Face AE facial exposure enhancement and FotoNation 2.0 intelligent beauty algorithm; The rear 1300W pixel main lens supports PDAF phase focus, f/2.2 aperture, and two-color warm light. Through a simple sample shooting, it can be seen that the color saturation feeling of the charm Blue Note5 is improved than the previous generation, the look and feel is relatively better, and there is no problem with daily photography.