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Clothing industry to choose laser equipment

2018-01-10 06:24:00

Laser technology and equipment are only used in military high-tech, in the 20th century, it is gradually used in the general processing field. Before 2000, there were not too many laser processing enterprises producing clothing. However, today, the limited production of laser equipment in the city has mushroomed, and at present, there are dozens of large and small enterprises. The application of laser technology in the clothing industry has played a role in promoting the competitiveness of China's clothing processing and clothing brands. However, in the face of so many enterprises, how can garment enterprises correctly choose processing equipment, so that enterprises can obtain the maximum return with less investment? The following from the following aspects of the purchase of laser equipment need to pay attention to explain, I hope to the majority of clothing industry friends have a little help. How to choose the right model? At present, the main products of laser processing equipment used in the clothing industry are high-speed laser cutting machine, automatic laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine, intershifting double-head laser cutting machine, automatic laser cutting machine and laser marking machine. Different addition of each device: the positive format is different. In addition to the laser marking machine, the above equipment can be used for cloth cutting, clothing proofing, trademarks, cloth embroidery cutting, leather engraving drilling, cowboy spray, embroidery and other processes. As far as the automatic laser cutting machine is concerned, its platform can be moved, and the purpose of automatic processing is realized in combination with the feeding device. Laser cutting machine is mainly used in large format processing; In addition to adhering to the characteristics of laser cutting, the two laser heads of the intershifting type laser cutting machine can also be operated separately. Automatic trademark cutting machine can automatically identify, model and search patterns such as trademarks and embroiders, and can also collect and automatically identify and cut graphics similar to standard graphic features. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, garment enterprises must first figure out the production scope, processing materials and processing amount of their own enterprises, so as to determine the model, format and quantity of equipment to be purchased, and make a simple preparation for the later procurement work. When necessary, you can consult the relevant professionals of the laser equipment production enterprise on the relevant technical problems, or ask professionals to conduct on-site simulation solutions or provide solutions. To pay attention to quality and service Product quality and service is an important part of enterprises in enhancing competitiveness. Imagine if the repair rate of a purchased equipment is relatively high, then how to produce such equipment for clothing enterprises, how to recover costs, and how to improve economic benefits? The reputation of equipment companies that produce such products is also intended to be bad. The primary factor for purchasing equipment is that the performance of the equipment should be stable and the quality should be good. At present, many laser equipment manufacturers are developing new products while ignoring the improvement of the quality of old products. This requires us to keep our eyes peeled when purchasing, to analyze the structure of the product, especially the choice of laser processing equipment, to understand whether its mechanical properties are reasonable and reliable, software control is not convenient to operate, the connection between the computer and the equipment is not very convenient, the operation process is not very clear and so on. Any piece of equipment will have varying degrees of damage during use, so in terms of maintenance after damage, whether the maintenance is timely and the level of charges has become the second issue to be considered. Therefore, in the purchase is to understand the after-sales service problem of the enterprise through a variety of channels, say how the response mechanism is, whether the maintenance fee is reasonable and so on. In fact, the purchase is a very simple process, and the choice is the most important, need to investigate more. However, we should remind everyone to pay attention to themselves in the use of the process to "seize" the opportunity to learn simple equipment maintenance, so as to use a good laser equipment.