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College students, want to buy a mattress dormitory, what kind of good

2018-04-23 11:12:24

Latex mattresses are recommended. First of all, latex mattresses can meet those requirements of the subject, breathability, mold resistance, no insects. In addition, it is easy to carry, you can pack up and take away when you graduate, and you can also give it to younger students. Due to the increasingly mature production process of latex mattresses, coupled with the large number of rubber trees planted in many places around the world, the production of latex raw materials is sufficient, and the price of raw materials has fallen a lot, so the price of latex mattresses is not as high as in the past. The ultra-high elasticity and fit of natural latex mattress can make the latex mattress adapt to people of different weight, naturally adapt to any posture of the sleeper, and the fit degree of the body can reach 95%, while the ordinary mattress and body fit can only reach 60-75%, natural latex can also improve the lumbar acid and insomnia caused by sleep. 2, orthopedic function latex mattress contact the human body area is 3-5 times higher than the ordinary mattress, can disperse the average weight of the human body, and can automatically adjust the poor sleeping position, so that the spine is relaxed and recovered, so that it has orthopedic function.