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Decoration tells you the difference between the three ways of clear bag, half bag and full bag?

2018-01-05 11:12:00

The decoration method is mainly divided into three kinds: clear package, half package, full package. For different owners' habits and understanding of the decoration knowledge level, everyone's choice is not the same. In order to allow the owners who need to decorate to be able to clear the differences between these three ways, and have a greater grasp and sense of security for their own judgment and choice, the decoration Xiaobian is especially clear about the decoration method. The owners who need to decorate follow our small series together.

First, the cleaning package - the cleaning package is also called the cleaning package, which means that the decoration or construction team is only responsible for the actual decoration construction, and the quantity of room, design, material selection, material purchase (including main materials such as tiles, floors and auxiliary materials such as yellow sand, cement), acceptance are all completed by the owner.

Clear package suitable for the owner: the decoration industry and decoration knowledge is very understanding, there is plenty of time and material procurement ability of the insiders. The advantages of clear package: 1. The owner has the greatest initiative, everything is under his supervision and control, easy to rest assured. 2. Sometimes the house designed by the owner is more personalized, in line with their own living habits and personality characteristics, especially compared with those compatriots who have a lot of design ideas, this is really an exciting challenge experience. 3. Compared with other methods, because the owner only needs to pay the labor cost and avoid the decoration from making profits from the materials, the price is also more economical and easy to control, eliminating the opportunity to be cheated.


Disadvantages: 1, in this way, the owner's workload will be particularly large, to invest a lot of time and energy to rush around. It is impossible to be lazy. 2, the owner needs to understand the market, materials, construction expertise is very clear, otherwise it is easy to buy poor quality and high price materials; Due to the small purchase volume can not enjoy the wholesale price, and the freight is high. 3, it is difficult to cope with the decoration or construction team put forward a variety of problems, but in the end lose the initiative. So if you are a layman whose decoration thinking is still stuck 10 years ago, don't consider it.

Second, the whole package - the whole package is also called the package of labor and materials, which means that from design to construction, all are responsible for the decoration, and the owner only participates in the review and determination of the design plan and budget and the final project acceptance.

All-inclusive for the owner: busy work, or do not understand the decoration of the consumer group. The advantages of the whole package: 1. The owner saves worry and effort, and only needs to communicate with the other party in a timely manner, so that the other party can understand their intentions, and supervise the basic progress and quality of the project. 2. Design by decoration, more professional, less likely to have regrets in the future. 3. Design, construction and material selection are all done by the same agent, and the final effect will be more complete and the style will be more unified.


1. In today's decoration market, practitioners and personnel are varied, and it is not easy to identify and select. Encounter some irregular, the chance of being deceived is great. 2, in the purchase of main materials, may be decorated loopholes, the general home decoration of the content of the main materials contained in the brand is the primary or very general brand on the market, and the owner is difficult to identify, if you want to return, you can return the price is very little.

Half package - half package is between full package and clear package, which means that the decoration/construction party is responsible for design, auxiliary materials procurement and construction. The owner is responsible for the purchase of ceramic tiles, floors, sanitary ware, cabinets and other main materials.

Half package suitable for the crowd: the design level of decoration, decoration quality and personalized requirements are high, there is a certain economic strength of consumers. 1, the main material is the "big head" of the entire decoration cost, and the decoration of the main building materials owners to buy their own, whether in quality or economic more assured. 2, cement, paint, wire and other accessories are complex, the price is not high, unified procurement by decoration, save worry and effort, quality is more guaranteed, but also more worry and effort saving time. 3, half package by the decoration to provide a complete design scheme, design level, construction technology and decoration grade is higher and more guaranteed. At the same time, it avoids the restriction of the main material category, and can fully meet the individual needs of the owner.


The disadvantages of half package: 1, it still takes a lot of time to go to the building materials market, to choose the main material, can not be easily decorated, and the purchase of their own small quantity, the price is higher, the freight is more expensive, can not save money. 2, accessories by decoration unified procurement, the owner can not check, if the use of inferior accessories or environmental protection is not up to standard, will affect the quality of the entire renovation project and future use. 2, when signing the contract, be sure to clearly indicate what is provided by the decoration, which is purchased by the owner, otherwise it is easy to be decorated in the later period, and make yourself buy everything, very tired and passive.

Matters needing attention

Packing: The workers only do the work, and you are responsible for purchasing everything. It's tiring and tedious, and it's easy to get cheated when you're selling something because you don't understand it. You don't have to spend more money, you affect the work of the workers and they will ask you for overtime. If there is a problem with the quality of the project, they will also blame the materials you buy.


Half package: Relatively save money, but also more worry. At the same time, Xiaobian recommends the owner to choose the kind of semi-packaging repair service plus the decoration that can provide zero profit and zero intermediate link main material procurement, so that you can achieve the half-package service to enjoy the quality of the whole package.


All-inclusive: Although it saves effort, it may not save worry. I have no control over the material. Unless you are allowed to choose the main material, rather than forcing a certain main material. Otherwise it may not be to your satisfaction.