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Dental experience for children in Vancouver

2018-03-16 14:24:00

A blood tide let Phoebe open her mouth for me to see, really do not know, a look startled. There's a little tooth in the bottom row. I never heard her say that she was uncomfortable or teething, and every time I asked her if her little tooth was moving, she would touch it again and say no. I asked her why she didn't tell her mother when she had teeth. The chick said she didn't know. How can these rows of teeth not feel themselves? That's weird! Phoebe is one of those kids whose teeth grow late, so their teeth change late. Looking at the other children of the same age who have changed several teeth, I also looked forward to Phoebe becoming toothless as soon as possible. When I get home at night, I say to Phoebe, "Mommy's happy. You've got teeth." Phoebe: "I know why Mommy's happy." Mom: "Why?" Phoebe: "Because you can trade my lost tooth for money with the tooth fairy." Mom just thinks you've grown up, okay? Mom: "Tooth extraction is expensive. It costs $100 a tooth." Phoebe: "I can save money by shaking the tooth out myself." Good idea, but I'm worried. Phoebe has never been to a dentist before. Let the doctor see if he needs an extraction. The dentist introduced by Phoebe's classmate's mother is very good at soothing children, and she made an appointment immediately.


When we got to the dentist's office Phoebe was getting nervous, pulling at my clothes and screaming to go home. The doctor first brought a picture book of stories about going to the dentist and told Phoebe page by page.


Phoebe was still too emotional to sit in her chair. The doctor keeps saying, "Put mom in the chair with you." Then he reassured Phoebe that today we were just learning to brush our teeth, not pick them. I thought to myself, how can I not even look at it?


I'm sure Phoebe would have been braver than she was, just hugged her and put her on the chair. The doctor brought Phoebe a small mirror and asked her to open her mouth wide and look at herself. Then he began to examine her. The doctor said Phoebe's cavities aren't bad enough to need fillings or anything. I said yes, the boy didn't like sugar or fruit drinks. The doctors and nurses were stunned. But the doctor also said something that shocked me and made me admire the doctor. The doctor said that the tooth is no problem, because it is the lower tooth, there is no need to pick the tooth, and so it will fall on its own. Three months later do not drop again to pick the teeth, the child's first time to come, now too nervous, also not good teeth. If the upper teeth need to be plucked, not the lower teeth! But the parotid gland is a little big. The parotid gland can cause a lot of problems. First of all, it will affect the appetite, and eating will be slow, eating slowly, and the meal will stay in the mouth country for a long time and will easily cause tooth decay. In addition, a large parotid gland can also have respiratory problems. The doctor asked Phoebe if she snores during sleep. I said yes, I have had this problem since childhood. It turns out it's also caused by a large parotid gland. The doctor recommends sleeping in different positions. (I thought Phoebe never sleeps honestly, that's not a problem). The worst part is the doctor says it affects concentration. It is difficult for children to sit and learn. The doctor's conclusion is that before the age of 12, let the child enjoy playing, don't force her to study hard. I can't remember it if I learn it. Everything will recover when you're 12. By then, I will eat well, sleep well, and study will be on the ground. I guess I did the right thing all along, and I didn't put Phoebe in a Chinese class or a paper class. I will give her swimming, kung fu ah, strengthen the physical exercise. As you wish! Let her have fun and have a happy childhood:) Finally, the doctor also said that your child is sometimes very stubborn. I was in shock. Doctor, how do you know that? You were right about everything you said. The doctor joked that I was like a fortune-teller. The nurse on the side said, these are all based on science! I thought to myself, I really am a dentist.


When the doctor said she didn't need to pull her teeth, Phoebe was relieved and went soft. (One foot has been unwilling to get on the chair, probably thinking of running away at any time) the doctor saw me take a picture and said, let my mother put it on Facebook first I asked the doctor, do not pick the teeth, then the new teeth can grow straight? The doctor said Phoebe's teeth are big between her teeth and there's plenty of room for new teeth to grow out. The doctor gives Phoebe a new toothbrush and shows her how to brush her teeth. When I got home Phoebe told me that the doctor had been brushing her toothbrush for a long time. The doctor told her to brush her teeth three times a day:) The nurse dentist cleaned and fluorinated Phoebe's teeth.


Above the child's head is a TV, with cartoons, which can distract the child. Phoebe will be honest if there's TV to watch.


When she left, the nurse asked Phoebe to choose a gift she liked, saying it would be a reward for good behavior. The doctor recommended buying a high fluoride toothpaste. Because Vancouver's water is fluoride-free. This toothpaste should only be used once a week. The doctors and nurses at the dentist's office were super NICE. Phoebe came in crying and came out smiling with a little gift. Friendly reminder: If the family in Vancouver is living on minimum insurance, there will be 700 dollars a year for children's dental subsidies. All you need to do is bring your Medicare card to the clinic, and they can help you find out if you qualify for benefits. Then the dentist is free.