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Dragon 18 palm novice guide

2018-05-15 00:00:44

There are many people who say that heaven and earth heroes. I think that's right, but it's also wrong. I've been playing World for over a year now, an old player in zone 1-7. Ha-ha. Everyone knows me.


The first thing you have to remember is that this game is not about how much you can beat the world. You have to analyze skills, formations, and races. Beginners go in level 1-10 is relatively easy to follow the task in a moment to non-R must remember to rush level. Because at 13:30, there will be a gold reward for ranking 1-10 in the arena. We're not gonna make it to the back. So don't give up any activities to get gold coins.


Early stage of the arena because to rush the level so crazy grab EXP experience box (the first day) level high and can find a good family (low people do not want you) camp choose to choose more camp (we are not R).10 level will start to study the skills and formation. 1 demon, 1 person, 1 immortal.


The most basic configuration. It is best to learn a dragon and three words from the magic spectrum, which is very useful for the copy. The demon's equipment mainly strengthens rings and clothes, and the fairy strengthens shoes and rings. People of course weapons, necklaces and rings, shoes, because the demon is the main defense, the fairy is the auxiliary group, people are the main DPS, this will soon reach level 20. "Dragon 18 Palm" because the hero purchase mode is very similar to heaven and earth, this is normal. Is legend fighting monsters and killing people, and then the rest of the game is imitation? So the charm of a game lies in its playability and uniqueness. "Dragon 18 Palm" is a good show of these two points (I am not a tuo) the first playability: very suitable for office workers to play. It doesn't take much time, but it also meets the needs of the player. The second uniqueness: the combination of race, formation and skill. Is not let you find the feeling of playing a single game before. That is, they will study themselves for a long time, rather than killing thousands of them for a task. "Dragon 18 Palm" of this distress I like, at least the feeling of learning and research. I play from the first test to the present, although I have not come to the forum to write things, but will often come to see.