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Dragon Boat Festival plateau road trip eight points to note

2018-05-15 14:24:09

Driving on the plateau can not drive as usual, and it may cause a disaster if you are not careful. The following is easy for you to sort out eight highland driving precautions, do not neglect seemingly small but harmful problems oh ~

Note 1: Cars also suffer from altitude sickness

Do not think that only people have altitude sickness, the car also has, the most direct reaction is to weaken the power, the brake is soft, the noise is soft and weak when accelerating, the control of the vehicle is not as handy as we are at the time, so the driver must wake up. END

Note two: Watch out for stones on the road

The habit of driving is: if the car is broken, instead of putting warning signs, countless large and small stones are placed on the left side of the car before and after the car is repaired and the stones are removed. END

Note three: Try not to drive fast

Don't be superstitious about your driving skills, try not to drive fast, especially when crossing a mountain pass, but also pay attention to speed control. END

Note 4: Beware of sheep and cattle

Driving in Tibetan areas, often meet cattle and sheep crossing the road, pay attention to avoid cattle and sheep is the driver's "duty", if accidentally hit the cattle and sheep, the consequences can be serious. END

Note five: It is best to switch drivers

In Tibetan areas, once you go out and basically spend a day in the car, it is very hard for mainland drivers who suffer from the threat of altitude sickness at any time to drive a day, so it is best to have two people in a car to drive, and to switch to ensure safety. END

Note 6: Try not to set off in a single car

Two or three vehicles set out together and move all the way forward, which is especially important in Tibetan areas, which are sparsely populated, and once lost, even people can't see, let alone ask for directions. END

Note 7: Learn some simple car repair skills

In Tibetan areas, the car failure of the general driver can "get it done", not only let us admire the level of Tibetan drivers, but the high level is actually forced out, in this day to drive a car can not see a few people, the fault can really be called every day, learn some simple repair skills to change the tire, very important. END

Note eight: Avoid each other to the car and the rear overtaking

When crossing the mountain pass, the road is tortuous and dangerous, driving more carefully, but the Tibetan drivers seem to have been accustomed to these, even in the curve, they also dare to overtake, so when passing the curve must pay attention to the speed and observe the other lane and behind the vehicle, overtaking the line is not uncommon. END