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Fetal Education Music 100 must-listen classic songs (10 songs per month)

2018-01-08 11:12:00

There are two kinds of fetal education music, one is for pregnant women to listen to, one is for the fetus to listen to. Because the fetus can not really hear music, it is basically the mother to listen to music, beautiful and gentle music can make the pregnant woman due to pregnancy reaction caused by irritability psychological comfort, so as to maintain a quiet and pleasant mood, conducive to the growth and development of the fetus. In recent years, some experts have carefully selected 100 foreign classic songs as fetal education music, divided into ten groups according to ten months. Ten groups of music step by step, not only adapt to the mother's physical emotional changes, but also the fetus's auditory nerve development, but also avoid the boredom brought by repeated hard of hearing, to the fetus and mother continue to bring fresh feeling. A baby who is 0-1 months pregnant is called a "sprout". Most of the mothers have not yet felt pregnant, and some have symptoms similar to a cold: weakness and fever. There are also cases of nausea like gastritis. To walk often, listen to comfortable music, regulate early pregnancy reaction, avoid heavy labor and bad environment. Recommended prenatal music: 01, "The sound of nature" beautiful people yearn for good voice 02, "the beauty of Bato" so quiet so quiet 03, "Yesterday's beauty" gentle relaxation 04, "quiet as clear water" slow music 05, "Mermaid singing" soft beautiful 06, "Warm happiness" harmonica playing 07, "sunday park "warm singing 08," Olive Tree "delicate and beautiful 09," deep as flowers "has a warm feeling 10," Jasmine flower "full of flowers and flowers are fragrant but it is pregnant in February, the second month of pregnancy, the auditory organs of the fetus have begun to develop, and the nervous system has been initially formed, and it is still very immature. But the most basic conditions for training are in place. You can give the mother and fetus some beautiful, soft music. Listen 3-5 times a day for about 15 minutes each time. This can not only stimulate the happy emotions of the pregnant mother, but also provide adaptive stimulation to the hearing of the fetus. In the sound of beautiful music, the discomfort caused by nausea and vomiting of pregnant women is relieved, which is also conducive to the development of the fetus. Recommended fetal education music: 11, "Alas my baby" let you know that you are the most beautiful...... 12, "Erquan Yingyue" Listen to the soul from the depths of the tell...... 13, "fishing boat singing night" sunset glow reflects the fisherman song and return 14, "Willow breeze" can make people comfortable vitality 15, "more beautiful" express the feeling of happy life 16, "holiday beach" green waves, rippling in our side 17, "Joy" national music playing 18, "Let it be" quiet and warm and touching 19, "Spring River fireworks March "Qing Shang Qu, Wu Sheng song 20," Lavender "fetal education music crystal special recommendation pregnant March in pregnancy in March to listen to more cheerful music or children's songs, this period of time is the most prone to abortion, should stop intense sports, physical labor, travel, etc., in daily life to avoid overwork, pay attention to quiet. Fetal education is actually a benign stimulation to the fetus, mainly through sensory stimulation to develop fetal vision, which is conducive to the cultivation of future observation; The development of fetal hearing is conducive to the development of sensitivity to things in the future. Recommended prenatal music: 21, "Let the world be full of love" touched everyone 22, "Hair like snow" mellow and simple, deep euphemism 23, "Ethereal voice" pure beauty 24, "Recall childhood playmates" make you aftertaste not tired 25, "Radesky March" intermittent advancing rhythm 26, "Pinghu Autumn Moon" very soft music 27, "Mommy's love to baby" baby's favorite to listen to oh 28, "The journey of the wind" fetal education music of the crystal recommendation 29, "The Wizard of Oz" you will be moved 30, "the joy of baby birth" angel clear pregnancy April to the fourth month of pregnancy, pregnant women and fetuses listen to music can be rich, there can be more types. The fetus is most receptive to the father's bass singing, cello solo or songs and music. Pregnant women personally sing songs, such as humming a few of their favorite lyric songs, or beautiful and rhythmically rich minor keys, lullabies, etc., will get very satisfactory results. This can be emotionally satisfying for both mother and fetus. Recommended prenatal music: 31, "Guitar and Cello Ensemble" quiet, warm and touching 32, "Where is Spring" lively and happy 33, "Our Fields" Feel the beauty of the field 34, "Country Road Leads me Home" light rhythm 35, "Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat minor" Tchaikovsky 36, "Happy Farmer" Schumann Schumann37, "Lyric Flute Pentet" Beautiful and moving 38, "Waltz" Tchaikovsky 39, "Light wind, stay drunk" pure music from Scotland 40, "Minuet" style elegant pregnant May from the fifth month of pregnancy, music fetal education should be planned. Do this for about 15 minutes 3-5 times a day. It should be chosen in the fetal awakening period, that is, the period of fetal movement, and it is generally more appropriate to fix it at night before going to bed. Pregnant women can choose their favorite kinds of music, and with the music performance of the content of the scene association, and strive to achieve a relaxed mood, so as to adjust the mental mood, enhance the effect of fetal education. Recommended prenatal music: 41, "Fairy Tale" quiet and warm and touching 42, "Comfortable happy smile" quiet and beautiful 43, "Angel love baby" tailored to the fetus 44, "Proud little baby" full of lively and hope 45, "Romeo and Juliet" soothing and quiet 46, "Soft wind" romantic 47, "Grandma Peng Huwan" a sea blue 48, "Pastoral" third music Chapter theme 49, "Spring scenery such as song" make the earth become vibrant 50, "the color of the wind" the world of the wind must be colorful pregnant June fetal music education in addition to listening, can also be used: humming resonance method and mother godson "singing" method. Using these methods to let the baby listen to music, can produce a different effect than the mother listening to music. In contrast, playing music or humming for the child appears to be intimate and more direct, and the fetus's heart rate, movement, etc., will also change greatly. Recommended fetal education music: 51, "really miss you" infinite love in 52, "the girl's wish" in the simple show kind, soft 53, "18 send" Liang Zhu Yue opera 54, "wonderful Wonderland" full of maternal love 55, "Sleeping in the mother's arms" My baby, go to sleep... 56, "When the baby is born" soft, affectionate 57, "Swan Song" cello playing Ma Yo-you 58, "beautiful Lullaby" accompany the baby to sleep 59, "quiet Lullaby" sincere mother love singing gently 60, "Husband and wife take home" play pregnant July fetal development into the sixth month, is capable of hearing, His body can feel the rhythm of the music outside the womb. The fetus can experience the sense of reason, morality and beauty from music. Pregnant women can feel that they are pursuing beauty and creating beauty from beautiful music. Is to contribute to the beauty of life, the beauty of humanity. Therefore, fetal education music should be scientific, informative and artistic. Recommended fetal education music: 61, "Soft moonlight song" the most beautiful thing in the moonlight 62, "Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle," 63, "Mommy's arms" quiet, beautiful 64, "Sweet honey" like flowers open in the spring breeze 65, "Gently Lullaby" sleep quietly, sleep... 66, "Innocent good innocent" angel baby 67, "Lullaby in the mountains" warm heart 68, "Serenade" Schubert beautiful, elegant... 69, "Baby loves Mommy" angel baby series 70, "Forest, bird of the day" bird calls and distant streams when pregnant in August pregnancy at eight months fetal hearing has been completed, the neural circuit connected to the fetus and the brain is more developed, it is easier to hear the outside sound. Therefore, in addition to listening to music this month, experts still suggest that the mother is best to sing to the fetus in person, so that it will receive a more satisfactory fetal education effect. When singing, try to make the voice up to the jaw, sing sweet, the fetus must be very welcome. This method can be carried out twice a day in the morning and evening, each time for 15-20 minutes. Recommended prenatal music: 71, "Four Cygnet dance" vigorous and lively 72, "Wind blowing sail" euphemistic and moving tunes 73, "Baby seven steps song" 123456774, "Flower waltz" Tchaikovsky 75, "Dream song" violin playing 76, "Little Orchid flowers" warm and pleasant 77, "Baby enlightenment rhyme rhyme song" easy to sing 78, "Light stone" imitation The Buddha returns to the scene of childhood playfulness 79, "Infinite blessings to the baby" Mommy's love 80, "Walking on the country road" The shepherd boy's song in ripening pregnancy in September at this time of music fetal education as before, choose a quiet environment, close your eyes, unfold a rich imagination, and listen quietly. Pregnant women in this period may have a mental state of restlessness and emotional tension because they are close to childbirth. Therefore, you should try to choose soft, slow rhythm, beautiful music, can be classical music, can also be popular music (piano). When playing the volume is moderate, the time should not be too long, pay attention to make yourself not feel bored. Recommended fetal education music: 81, "Water town fragrant wind" can not help but close your eyes... 82, "The Sound of Spring Waltz" Western classical music 83, "Little Star" children's song in foreign language 84, "Liang Zhu" slow flow of love, 85, "Light night wind" guzheng performance 86, "Kiss my little baby" warm 87, "Summer by the Sea" piano performance 88, "D minor Double Violin Concerto" gentle atmosphere 89, "Hungarian Dance No. 5 "An exciting music 90," Ma Lin girl "walk light as the wind in the end of pregnancy in October, the fetus's nervous system development has been relatively perfect, at this stage, we advocate mother and son" singing "method. Although the fetus can not sing, but the method should be so, will receive benefits. Pregnant women should fully and reasonably play their imagination, let the baby in the abdomen magically open the bud like mouth, singing harmoniously with the rhythm. Recommended prenatal music: 91, "Coming to Earth" moved in slowly elevated 92, "Wide fields" silent voice 93, "Only mother in the world is good" children's song 94, "Lovely little fish" Schubert freely swim to swim 95, "Good dream Lullaby" Brahms works 96, "As long as you live better than me" saxophone playing 97, "In Mommy's arms" warm heart 98, "From God's Blessing "cheerful concordance 99," Blue Danube "beautiful melody 100," I love BB Lullaby "light whisper