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Five quick strokes: [8] Practice two simple codes and understand the skills of breaking characters

2018-01-05 22:24:00

The second level simple code is composed of the first two root codes followed by a space bar. A maximum of 25×25-5=620 Chinese characters can be entered. They are :(this is a formula version) how many snow disasters under the emperor city, four frost billion earth Yin, three years six years of injustice, five degrees of thinking about the small children and grandchildren. Love is not for tribute, money never less into the heart, light view miscellaneous play far know reason, long iron stomach suck Jianghong. Help weak to prevent strong chopping Lou monster, liver and gallbladder flash nine square red, can let a good knife out, will collect after the orphan aunt horse patrol. And to the empty community of rice flour, also take roving as a light, born on the red muscle rib, which green passenger peddler a can. Hate clam locust destroy seed material, stupid bone Luo makeup harm residents, where the business coal will be a record, very anti-uncle blind divided. Dare to take fat chi north, had opened Wang Bo Bai Feng, in the sand place to get a precious painting, and Zhang Li's magnetic marriage. Two lost M mom camel yarn curve, seven call temple training you kiss, to assess the fairy jade to give Fang Yan, the right to defend the palace method squint eyes. Beacon smoke candle difficult to stop the partner, sticky cotton turbidness bath can pass the forest, dirt waste Yang Xiu guarantee, official Taiwan iron ingots or to the village. For a long time, a faint woman is harmful to children, repeatedly admit caustic tiger fan Qin, quietly passing next year to find, empty Wanyangyan elsewhere. Axle roller two-sided rail, warp line four meters to combine, beating the impound hand to fold, noisy crying face inside the wind. Show barba night for color, Smith in the morning to seize the work, open graves will now branch in the book, shut the north emperor's army. Rose bead fine jade for his wife to pick, phoenix duo song reported Yangchun, and sprinkled wide post to take Han steps, and rise Feng water become good tun. Broken petals lost seeds season sad, Hu face nail meal festival such as ice, Toshiba pen staring at tight, southern barba medicine end gradually smell. Putuo gray sand from the right station, le guide high into the left hall, through Huaimou corner tower Liao Zhi, Ning trustworthy Bo Qing remote friends. Demotion hidden encounter blind, carrying leather lead camel rate Lu bin, rice can compensate Zhang Chengxiang, brown service difficult Liu Shichong. When snow too public friends, affairs sweep anal swelling cut shame, Xiao male ambition was brilliant gun, halogen bar di on the main culprit. Kung Fu tcho-level put it yo, better than mechanical gram hydrocarbon dragon, autumn Geng Wei relax steal milk, leap Xu dark Huang Yi Ni Chen. Line up joint glue dazzle step slow, the view of the dental focus leaves light, Tang word of an Changshun Yi, real Zhou Tuo Guodian xing. The old table check plan, the record file with the twilight industry review, the lupi pajamas full inspection, the external coordination pool half suspect spirit. Guitar is afraid of the old limit of the same kind, the textile production allows the generation of branch association, to advise about the force to do, indicating the meaning of the package answer Kai Zhen. Use the technique to even fly inflammation, so that the Gelang total world attack, although ah member pull so close, only listen to Ah part penalty a needle. Until the feeling of sharp yesterday and, still by the shame of secret said, the Jie committee originally held Geng in, mutual complaint this base Jie increase. Willing to occupy the area early to avoid sleepiness, or measure the chest type to expand good ten days, following the order of the central note to negative kun, the other second can not be thrown. This table is useful in the initial stages of five strokes of input, acting as a little dictionary, and is well worth printing out. In order to facilitate training, but also to compile these articles into the bar "Changxia Chengtian Yang" in the past, the long under a painter called Sun Chen, his life indifferent to fame, difficult to learn to paint. Never takes a day off from sunrise to sunset. Around the middle of this century, he he achieved great things and became famous. He painted four seasons: or spring and Jingming, mountains and green water; Or the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing; Or mountains in late autumn, the moon in the sky; Or in the snow, the swallow returns to the tiger. He has published "Old Events in the South of the City", "Visitors on the Iceberg", "social drama", several picture books, high style. Towering Aspen is an outstanding masterpiece representing the highest level of his life: in the painting, the dark side and face of the leaves are distinct, the long rainbow is hidden in the middle, and the scenery painted with vermilion, pink and gray is charming, showing the artist's strong expressive force. Visitors to the painting all said it was "white snow in the spring". The painter has since "Ma Liang" said the painter's wife grandson Liu is a village girl, talented girl, called Xiaofang. Xiao Fang heart and eye good, never make up after marriage, do not use fat powder, is a good hand in charge of financial management. Xiao Fang said to the painter: "I will do all the housework, you focus on painting." A year's plan begins in spring, and an hour in the morning. Xiao Fang worked as soon as the dawn appeared during the day, and spun yarn for clothing at night. Take time to clean the living room, dining room and bathroom. There is no coal in the stove, which is replaced by wood and can be used as an electric lamp. When you are on the disaster year, you will take out on the balcony corner of old rice, vegetables, with corn, rice noodles processing vermicelli, put a small amount of flour with coarse powder at night, the next day processed into bread, sticky bags, steamed stuffed bun, fried liver or steamed noodles. He was rich in fruits and made the "last supper" for the whole family with the fruit and mare's milk. On the edge of the field and in the village, looking for miscellanies to throw to the horses. When the daughter was to be born, the painter's wife discussed to find a small nanny, Xiao Fang said: "No, family life, everywhere money, to save expenses." She said, "Women hold up half the sky, your love is in my heart, and I am tired and happy." The painter said, "Fang, you are a fairy who has come down to earth!" The husband and wife love each other and live in harmony. A flash daughter small rose was born seven years, face red light, big eyes, teeth folded, teeth good stomach Lu is good, but a son long and not high. The painter said: Let Xiao Mei go to school, this is a hundred years plan! After the third grade, I studied physics, chemistry, geography, and history (modern Chinese history). In the past, Xiao Mei said: "Guoxian surgery has entered the electronic age, I want to count on every second!" "So I slept late for a few days and learned to type with the" five strokes "method. When free, small Mei help mother sweep the floor, cut vegetables, fly, and then to the painter's album classification and filing, record east Qu Lala erhu. In a flash of nine years, Xiao Mei went to Peking University to learn "international affairs", and at the same time to learn composition (line). A classmate fell in love with Mei, and the mutual regret late. The boy is one meter seventy-nine tall, a long square face with clear angles, he is called three Pu good. On a moonlit night, they quietly dated at the edge of a pool (Weiming Lake) in Peking University. Three pu hug the small rose, tell the heart of acacia: "dear rose ----- to - Lu can east pistachio." And presented to Zhongmei Japan "Sendai" pearl cream, Toshiba digital watch and a number of pens. The painter sent Yixiu's "Writer's Notes" and a copy of "Marxism-Leninism" from the Northeast, and said in the letter: "You are a college student, and later you will be a diplomat." I trust you will handle this matter appropriately." Friends in the South, aunts, uncles and wet nurses wrote to say: "How ridiculous! "Can't look for little Japan. Historical records, 1937 - "three pu into another book, bitter. In the deserted forest face small rose daze, bursts of glare. Small May said his heart needle big, advised him to relax the heart. "We are made for each other," Sampu said. "After we get married, we can go and live in Japan." No noise, May said: "It is not that I have changed my heart, just because your heart is still in Japan, but I love China." She said, "Break up, as long as you live better than me ----" and finally decided to leave him. The painter has three sons. The painter gave Xuan a copy of "In the World" and a copy of ". Xuan when the forest carpenter, and learn electrician (makeup work industry). Xuan enterprising aim, do not think about money, avoid the right, a few things to think, gradually for sand, civil, mechanical, electromagnetic fan, learn iron man, when the master, "Fu pays off the people," Xuan invented double energy-saving fluorescent lamp, become a competent senior electrician, five congresses. Second son called Di, optimistic, smooth, never people Yan son. The painter used the previous six oceans for cash to give Di when the capital, let him do business. The ability is not born will have, Di north,; South, word slow, unremitting looking for guides, friends, and step by step more than learning. Later, Zi Liao left the national organization where he was working and contracted a workshop. Sun Di business integrity, does not break the contract, every day timely deal with financial affairs, cost, list forms, review, approval, set rules, and continue to broaden the scope of business. For things: big car, small people pull, never afraid of tired; To people: not many years of customers or ordinary visitors, also do not think their money is more or less, the same, also do not cut customers, said Chen; The customer is God! In business, as big as, fire cannon, rich men's car, as small as nails, iron bars, cutting nine, leather, tableware, sewing kit, one by one properly classified. As a result of the strengthening of management, the wealth has increased with each passing day, and there has never been a deficit. Sun Di in the district has a representative office, by the agent to do export business, there is a business in Taipei, and the name of "Jade Palace" replaced the previous "strange camel Temple". One overcast day of light snow, Sun Di met an orphan named Feng Xiao Xiao, accepted as a buddy, modern called "member style" After continuous pioneering and enterprising, the painter's second son became a famous "businessman". The painter's third son grew up. Sun Mi in the army to defend the country, love and hate clearly, and can go up and down, can be an official can be for the people. On the front line, when the wind is not nervous, with nine sharp children are not afraid, let foreign powers make a big fool of themselves; In the local, military and civilian cooperation, such as son, find time to help the weak, do good. Sun Mi also studied the "Central Gong Heart Method" on holidays. Under the festival, a large number of traditional Chinese medicine was collected, collected and prepared in the folk, the mountain, in the parsnid, ejiao, psyllium, Angelica, ground dragon, cassia seed, hundred, ginseng, prince ginseng, ganoderma lucidum, raw land and tiger bone ———— and some troops opened the internal medicine, surgery, chest, anal, Sun Mi became "all-round versatile good soldier", after Sun Di was published in the People's Daily. Another year at the end of autumn, seventy years of the painter's birthday, in this auspicious day, in the face of Xuan, Di, secret three price eyes son and little woman Sun Mei, the painter recalled the old things slowly said: "Life in the world, not for fame and family, as long as the heart of the child to serve the country can be at ease." Everything only to overcome difficulties, in order to succeed; Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. Of course, achievements must be inseparable from The Times!" "In addition, you are now middle-aged people, talent is also a big deal! You must write down the five big words, "Serve the people," and the matter said to Xiao Fang, "My daughters have grown up, and this success is half as good as mine and half as good as yours." "After that, the artist and his wife lived in seclusion in the Changzao Mountain. He called the painter "Towering Yang". This article is a bit long, for beginners, you can cut a part to practice, or you can make up a small article to practice. When practicing, put the pictures in this article aside and look up the words that will not be removed. You can improve your speed. When practicing the second level of simplified code, we should pay attention to the skills of dismantling, and gradually master the personalized skills of dismantling while improving the speed.