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Go to Japan, it is the best time to buy Japanese best-selling skin care products!

2018-03-16 06:24:00

Go to the neon country to play, most of the MM is the rhythm of the train, Matsumoto Qing walk a walk, not only can taste all kinds of Japanese snacks, skin care cosmeceuticals and so on is everything. And with the yen falling, it's the best time to buy Japan's best-selling skin care products! Stroll around Ginza, pick up some Burberry blue labels, and sip a thick soup of Yilan ramen, perfect! As a big shopping country, Japan is worth buying a dazzling array of things, here, Xiaobian also selected four recommendations for you, if you are dazzled by a variety of tricks, so quickly fix your mind, take a look with us! Chocolate: Chocolate is always the perfect holiday gift for your partner. People who have tasted Royce will be surprised by its soft and smooth taste, although there are many places to buy it, but since it has come to its origin, why not buy it at 1/3 of the price? Electronics: Japan's electronics stores present a very different face than most of the rest of the world: Electronics stores seem to be everywhere and are visited almost every day. Shavers, beauty machines, photo printers... Japan's small electrical appliances are all kinds of practical, such as the recently popular Fuji pocket photo printer, which is the favorite of literary youth, connected to the WiFi, you can choose the beautiful photos in the photo library and play polaroid photos! Compared with the traditional polaroid, a shape can not be modified, and the characteristics of whim have won the hearts of many girls. The price of about one thousand, in Japan is very common people, 500 can easily get, is half of the price. When traveling to Japan, it is natural to bring some souvenirs back home. And the animation culture industry developed in Japan's production of toys and dolls is very famous, kimono doll, Hello Kitty series is very delicate and cute, so that girls are excited. There are many brands of these dolls that are familiar to everyone, and their lovely appearance and exquisite workmanship are very worth buying whether they are collected by themselves or sent to friends. How many girls can't get out of Akihabara?! The streets are full of new animation pictures, the dazzling hand in the shop, and the favorite electronic products of women who do not go out for a long time can be said to be a beautiful world of two yuan. All kinds of handwork, animation cute things are really let people love, exquisite degree Max, completely can not buy the advantage, is enough to make people can not stop! Sofmap as a digital appliance monopoly, there are several points in Akihabara, basically every family has a sale, and some have medieval products (that is, second-hand, but "medieval not" basically new and much cheaper). Japanese cosmeceuticals: Having said so much, how can we forget the famous Japanese cosmeceuticals? Japan's cosmetics market is very mature, the formula is more suitable for human skin, the price is also very acceptable to the public, so it quickly occupied the Chinese market, sales have been leading. Japan's best-selling skincare brands are also familiar names. There are no ugly women in this world, only lazy women, while the yen is low, it is the best time to buy! It is said that every girl who goes to buy Japan's best-selling skin care products has to kill into the tax-free crazy grab SK-II fairy water, the effect is natural for all to see, in Japan, from 20 to 60 years old women are using it! Including many skin care experts, stars are its loyal fans, Japan's popular actress Ayase Haru also publicly expressed his love for SK-II. So on COSME, one of Japan's largest women's websites, SKII was ranked at the top of the word-of-mouth skincare lotion! With the arrival of the 2016 Chinese New Year, SK-II has launched the first Chinese New Year commemorative Edition -SK-II Skincare Essence Lu Xin Feng Limited Edition, which will save 31% when purchasing a two-bottle set duty-free compared to buying two bottles in a single. In addition to the classic serum, the bestselling experience set also includes the Skin Healing Essence Cream, 10X PITERA™, skin care mask and skin care cleanser for all aspects of skin immersion. KATE as the top sales of cosmetics in Japan, KATE was born in 1997 in Tokyo, one of the cradles of global fashion. Innovative ideas and glamorous styles are constantly emerging here, and KATE has been showing off the cool Tokyo makeup style since the day she was born. Since 2014, in order to strengthen its influence on the global stage, the brand has been engraved with the birthplace of TOKYO, and the new upgrade is KATE TOKYO. It is very popular both in Japan and in Japan because of its low price and high quality. The most popular three color eyebrow powder is very easy to use in a small box! Normal use will not fly powder, color from bottom to top from light to deep, the next two boxes mixed, and then brush on the brow, the deepest one to draw eyebrows tail, so the effect is very natural yo! At the same time, the color of this eyebrow powder is also perfect for brushing nose shadow, which is really an essential part of everyday makeup. Since we are in Japan, how can we miss this great opportunity to buy good products at low prices?