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Halloween party guide: [1]8 lazy simple dress up

2018-03-16 01:36:00

It's Halloween in the blink of an eye. Have you been invited to a rave but couldn't decide at the last minute what to wear? Or maybe the kids are clamoring for you to make them a Halloween costume, but you don't want to spend too much time and energy on it? Don't worry, today I will bring you a few simple and wonderful costumes, so that you can become the focus of the party even if you dress up in a hurry, but also let your children no longer for Halloween dress up frustrated or noisy, have a memorable Halloween. If this experience helped you, don't hesitate to vote and bookmark (<ゝω ·) ~ ☆Kira


The simplest sheet ghost is often the most classic, yes, we often saw in cartoons when we were young sheet ghost! All it takes is a large white sheet (of course, contrasting polka dot sheets are even better), a pair of scissors, or a marker to transform you into the oldest of ghosts. But the sheets are slightly dull, you can also wear hiking glasses or sunglasses across the sheet on your head, or secretly paint a scary clown makeup on your face, when people mistakenly think you are just a harmless ghost, suddenly open the curtain to scare them.


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


Among the many thriller killer images, the mask killer in the Scream series is the most classic and easiest to dress up: a black cloak, a skull mask, walking in the dark with an air of three meters eight! Even if you're pressed for time and can't buy a mask, it doesn't matter. Print out a Scream 5 poster from a photo, cut out the outline of the mask, and add string or rubber bands to create a homemade killer mask. Be careful to cover your face completely!


In the first step of the expression mask, we talk about the use of photo printing technology to make a mask. In the same way, we can also enlarge the classic expression or the current popular emoji expression and print it out to make a simple mask to wear on the face. Other everyday objects can also be printed out and pasted on clothes or held in the hand, which is sure to make people laugh. Emoji can be cute when printed well!


Take a look at pop Queen Beyonce's costume for Halloween last year. That's right! She dressed up as a photo on a famous social media site. Using cardboard to create a social networking site border and then tucking yourself into it is a perfect example of a witty and simple look. In addition to foreign social networking sites, you can also create websites, as long as the profile picture is you, you can achieve the best results. Remember to wear beautiful makeup.


Apply red paint to your hands and apply it to any piece of everyday clothing: a white shirt, cheerleading outfit, or even an old school uniform, leaving a clear bloody handprint that looks like you just survived a zombie horde or a horror movie. But remember to choose old clothes as much as possible, because paint can be difficult to wash.


Giant pizza and pizza delivery boy pizza is a common classic food in American TV series, huge pizza is also easy to make: using cardboard cut out two large triangles, then cut out some circles, rectangles, triangles, paint red, green, yellow, as sausage slices, onion slices and cheese slices affixed to the pizza to finish. Coupled with a pizza delivery boy, this simple outfit will also arouse the resonance and appreciation of many American TV series fans.


Map icon and mouse pointer This is also the first foreign netizens to think, the author has a friend around directly cut such an icon to wear on the head, play the map dress up, did not expect it is very popular. My friend also prepared a whiteboard, doodle some famous attractions and addresses on it at any time, and put them around to create the illusion of icon indicating text. Similarly, making a giant mouse pointer to wear on your head seems like a good look.