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How about a bull WIFI socket? A household must-have artifact

2018-03-20 00:00:41

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet era, people's lives are becoming more and more intelligent, and Bull also follows the pace of The Times to launch WIFI sockets. Once the bull WIFI socket was launched, it was well received by users, so what are the advantages of the bull WIFI socket? The following small series for everyone to introduce in detail.




The size of the WIFI socket is 100*65*35mm, although the head is not small, it is not small, giving people a sense of normalness. The input voltage range is 100-250V, the maximum current is 10A, the rated power is 2500W, and it is equipped with 3+2 standard small five-hole jack to meet the requirements of current home users.


The two sides of this Bull smart socket are also designed with vents to speed up the heat emitted by the device due to prolonged use of the internal WiFi module, the socket is not a one-piece design, there are four screws on the back of the device, and the device is not equipped with a child safety door.


Intelligence has become an essential communication tool in people's lives, and a mobile socket that supports charging at any time and can remotely control smart appliances at home with WiFi is essential. If you walk out of the house and suddenly remember that the power at home is not turned off, Bull WiFi can easily help you solve the problem.


Bull WiFi smart socket can also achieve the perfect match of iOS and Android system, specially created for users; Compact and portable, support app control, support WIFI remote control, intelligent timing more secure, intelligent control of home appliances, is a home essential artifact yo! The positioning of the bull smart socket function is more realistic, only to provide users with services at the two levels of control and timing, and its APP software interface is also very simple, which provides the possibility for users to control

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