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How does toothpaste go to blackhead

2018-04-23 16:00:04

Honey, have you ever heard of toothpaste to remove blackheads? Can toothpaste really remove blackheads? Does it really work? Small series test the effect of toothpaste to blackheads, to share with you. The blackhead on the nose is quite obvious on the face and directly affects the facial beauty. The nose is the highest point of the face and is also known as the "place of wealth." The nose bridge is not only beautiful, but also symbolizes the temperament of perseverance, is the so-called "face like a flower, all rely on the nose to take charge"! Can you ignore the blackhead on your nose? In order to remove blackheads, many people have tried to use many folk remedies, and there is even a method of toothpaste to remove blackheads. Some people are used to using toothpaste to remove blackheads in the morning, which is to squeeze the right amount of toothpaste on the fingers, and then apply a whole layer of T-zone, especially the parts with many blackheads. After full of toothpaste began to brush your teeth, brush your teeth and nose toothpaste is almost dry, and then wash your face, so you can really go to blackheads? Maybe toothpaste can really remove blackheads, but the method of toothpaste to remove blackheads is not correct. A toothpaste is easy to allergic, and then desensitization is easy to add additional burden to the skin. Second, although the toothpaste can absorb the anti-inflammatory effect and eliminate some inflammation caused by blackheads on the nose, the fluoride in the toothpaste will stimulate the skin around the mouth, and the skin will dry after using the toothpaste, so that the cuticle of the skin is not easy to fall off, and it is easier to block the pores and breed more blackheads. The safest way to go to blackheads is to use the most effective products under the guidance of a professional beautician, but also to improve eating habits, is using toothpaste to blackhead MM must not continue, toothpaste is still used to brush teeth more powerful, go to blackheads or obediently use blackhead products.