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How to avoid traffic jams

2018-05-14 19:12:31

Now most families have their own cars, so there are a lot of cars on the road, which causes traffic jams on the road; How to avoid traffic jams, the following Xiaobian and you talk about personal experience.


Going out


Traffic jam


When driving out by yourself, you should listen to the traffic radio station in time, and the road section of the car will have real-time reports. Turn on the traffic radio station in your car, you can hear which section of the car more, which section of the road has a traffic accident, which highway is closed, which new road has been opened; This shit their own travel.


Avoid traffic jams. If you live in a city for a long time, you will know which roads are often easily blocked, near the hospital, near the large supermarket, near the car square, near the conference, near the tourist attractions, near the temple; These places are places with high traffic, so walking around will save time.


Switch to transportation. If you commute in the city, the road is not far, then you do not need to drive, directly ride a motorcycle, so that you can save fuel, there is no delay to work; Because the motorcycle is smaller, it can shuttle back and forth from the non-motor vehicle road, without queuing on the motor vehicle road, which greatly saves the time of walking; It's convenient and environmentally friendly, all at once.


Avoid rainy days. Before you travel, be sure to look at the weather forecast in recent days, if there is heavy rain in the forecast, if there is no emergency, go another day, which avoids traffic jams; Because of rainy days, especially big rainstorms, there will be a lot of water on the road, sometimes the road will be flooded, the car is difficult to walk, resulting in a lot of vehicles trapped or blocked; So try not to go out on rainy days.


Avoid school and commute times. During school and commute times, the road can be especially crowded; 7:00-- 8:00,11:00-- 12:00, 17:00-- 18:00, this time period is the most crowded, especially near the school, or near the unit, when the flow of people is particularly large; So avoid the rush.


Holidays and weekends are also the peak traffic jams. During the holiday is also the peak of traffic jams, 11 holiday, the day before the holiday and the day before work is the largest period of traffic flow, avoid these two days travel is not so crowded; There are two weekends are also the travel peak, in the afternoon of Friday, Sunday afternoon, are the peak of vehicles; Avoid this time, the traffic will be less heavy.

Matters needing attention

Be sure to avoid traffic jams when driving.


Holiday driving must obey the traffic rules, pay attention to safety.


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