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How to choose 1 to 1 foreign teacher platform

2018-03-01 16:00:00

In 2014, The State Council issued the Decision on Accelerating the Development of Modern Vocational Education, proposing to form a modern vocational education system with Chinese characteristics and world level by 2020. Premier Li Keqiang said at an executive meeting of The State Council that online education will be one of the new forms of business and industries to be focused on, China Youth Daily reported. In addition, The State Council cancelled and delegated 64 administrative approvals and 18 sub-items, the first of which was the "approval of education network schools using the Internet to implement distance higher education". Under the guidance of national policies, online education quickly "flies into the homes of ordinary people" because of its convenient class mode, flexible class time, and low price advantages. In the face of a large number of new enterprises joining every day, a large number of enterprises are constantly being eliminated, so how do we as consumers choose the online education platform that suits them?


First, understand the corporate background of online education platforms. As a long-term learning platform, we usually pay a one-time training fee to the education platform, if there is no reliable corporate background, our money may be directly wasted, offline institutions may pay money the next day to find that people are empty, not to mention online, small businesses, private websites, it is difficult to guarantee that one day you can no longer open the website.


Second, understand that the product of online education of institutional teachers is education, then the most important thing in education is the coach. We need to confirm whether the teachers hired by the enterprise are all licensed to work (this is not much done in the industry, we should carefully screen), and whether the teachers have enough online education experience.


Third, understand the curriculum according to the needs of learners and the curriculum of each institution to match each other and suit their own. Teens: phonics, wonders, treasures, Cambridge and Oxford and new concept which is an optional course. Adult: TOEFL, IELTS, Business English, Spoken life, New concepts, etc. Some institutions are more flexible and can determine their own curriculum, but it is best to choose the existing curriculum of the institution, the teacher will be better prepared for the lesson and have a stronger grasp of the material.


In this era of very many choices, we do not worry about options, we are afraid of too many options, do not know how to choose. In the case of ensuring that the teachers and the previous options are satisfied, choose the right price, I know that there are still several reliable online education institutions with a minimum of more than ten dollars a class, we must keep our eyes open, not be able to shake, the money will go out, we must personally experience the good to buy oh!

Matters needing attention

They have personally tried, good reputation, hard teachers, transparent platforms, and generally have strength.


Price performance is king.