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How to choose a platinum couple ring?

2018-01-10 04:48:00

Couple ring is the best token between couples, couple ring is also the best carrier to express each other's love, see how to choose couple ring, will make your love more sweet! First, jewelers should try to get as much information as possible before they go to choose a couple ring, you can learn about this situation from friends or relatives who have recently bought a couple ring, and recommend some good brands. If not, and you are not very familiar with the knowledge of diamonds, it is recommended to go to the franchise specializing in the sale of diamond jewelry, to consult the sales staff there. How to judge a trustworthy jewelry can be carried out from the following points. (1) Powerful jewelry generally has a strong sales network, and has considerable visibility in the local; (2) From the perspective of the decoration, the decoration is high-grade, bright, and has a good shopping environment and sales atmosphere; (3) The placement and management of goods in good order, and constantly have new products and activities to promote; (4) The product is equipped with a certificate issued by the national authority; (5) The diamond franchise will be more professional, and should also have a perfect after-sales service guarantee; (6) Salespeople have high quality and are very familiar with jewelry knowledge. She is not only your jewelry salesperson but also your jewelry consultant. How to choose a couple ring Two, choose the usual jewelry sales staff will recommend that you use two months 'salary to buy a diamond ring. A single diamond diamond ring of 30 or 40 points is the usual choice of white-collar workers. Some broken diamonds set into the ring, because of its exquisite design is also loved by a person. If the economic conditions allow, choose more than 50 points of the diamond jewelry is better, because more than 50 points of the diamond has a considerable value preservation, value-added ability, there is a certain investment value. Remind you that while you pay attention to the weight of the diamond, you must pay attention to the color, clarity and cutting of the diamond, that is, taking into account the "4c" standard. Large weight, good cut (with a bright light), few pure defects, excellent white diamond is a good diamond. But if your spending power is limited, do not worry, the salesperson will find the right diamond ring for you according to your needs. In addition, it is recommended that when buying a diamond ring, it is best to buy earrings and pendants that can be matched with it. It is also appropriate for the bride to give the groom a diamond ring as a token. In general, it is appropriate to set platinum platinum ring diamond ring with broken diamonds, simple, both gorgeous and not flamboyant, which appropriately shows the owner's good taste.