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How to choose the best wedding ring? How to choose a diamond ring

2018-01-10 12:48:00

Every diamond has a story, the reason why the diamond is precious, in addition to its color, clarity, weight, cutting, fluorescence, more importantly, it is the story behind it, perhaps a memorable commitment, perhaps like the heart of the ocean a memorable love, perhaps like the skin 2 of the deep attachment to a certain feeling... Diamonds always give people too much imagination and vision, and now everyone is used to choosing a diamond ring as a wedding ring, so how to choose a diamond wedding ring? How to choose the most suitable diamond wedding ring? Here are some of my views.


How to choose a wedding ring? First, we have to consider the price of diamond selection has the "four C" principle: caratweight, color, clarity and cut. This is the key to identifying the quality and value of a diamond. Before you buy a diamond, learn the "four Cs". If you take into account the value of preservation and appreciation, choose more than 30 points of diamonds as far as possible. Generally more than 30 points of VVS-H color diamonds in the market to more than 10,000.


How to choose a wedding ring? Second, to consider the diamond ring style


1, the six claws of the wedding ring round diamond: This style of diamond ring gives a sense of stability, because this setting method in the design of the diamond cut into a circle, and then the six claws of platinum can be firmly embedded in the diamond to maximize the foil diamond, so that the light of the diamond can be a full range of refraction, showing the diamond bright.


2, the wedding ring of the four-claw round diamond: this way of setting diamonds inherits the six-claw round diamond setting, but unlike the six-claw setting, the four-claw setting of the diamond ring is not to emphasize the existence of the ring claw, nor to show the diamond; The four-claw diamond setting is more flexible and vivid than the six-claw diamond ring, which can make the diamond ring look light and delicate.


3, the wedding ring square diamond: can catch the eye with an absolutely wide diamond surface, is the most able to show the texture of the diamond Mosaic, and this Mosaic is more modern fashion, luxury, elegant innovative design, especially the princess square diamond is more popular among the upper class.


4. Wedding ring tip drill: Olive tip, water drop cut diamonds also belong to this type of diamond ring, this kind of cutting method requires diamond carats obviously will be relatively large, because this kind of setting method mainly requires diamond carats can not be small, free so as to show the effect of this pointed diamond setting method, and pointed diamond setting method emphasizes a unique, strong sense of personality, generally more suitable for women in the workplace.


5, the wedding ring of the diamond ring: This setting method emphasizes the balance of small particles of diamonds, not the main emphasis on single diamonds, this kind of diamond ring is mainly by some small particles of diamonds balanced Mosaic, like starlight embellishes the whole ring, low-key and versatile; That is to say, this uniform ring Mosaic style can be matched with a variety of clothing, and will not be obtrusive. At the same time, this uniform ring Mosaic style is very classic, and it seems low-key but it will not be ignored.


How to choose a wedding ring? Third, to choose the right business and buy some other valuable items, you should try to get as much information before buying. Before we know a good drill, we'd better decide where to buy it. Compare a few more, try to choose the most cost-effective place to buy diamonds. At present, the more popular online shopping model, excluding the intermediate costs in all aspects, the cost performance will be much higher.