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How to choose Venus female bag to have a better effect

2018-01-05 06:24:00

The hot summer is here, and you can eat watermelon in shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops again. In the summer, there is nothing more wonderful than this, just think of the heart is beautiful. If you want to be fashionable, you must learn not to wait, and some styles will become tacky if they wait for a second. This summer's fashion, start with a pair of hot pants and a T-shirt. But the problem is, as a set of matches that are worn every summer, how to find a new popular point is the key. How to make it more stylish?


Age matching: women of different ages have different views on fashion, so the style of the bag should first match their age group, so that people will not have the feeling of incoordination; Even if the style of the bag is good, the purchase should first consider whether it is suitable for your age.


Professional collocation: different professions have different choices of bags, white-collar workers can choose some simple styles; This can highlight their own taste; Often go out, you can choose some casual bags, appear more energetic. If you need to meet customers often or carry some information, you can choose a practical bag.


Season collocation: The bag season collocation is mainly color coordination, summer bags should be light or light pure color; This will not make people out of harmony with the environment, otherwise it will make people feel conspicuous; Go out in the late summer, according to the environment with dark can also be, as long as the proper match; Winter should choose a slightly darker color, to produce a sense of coordination with the season


Personality matching: Traditional women carry some simple fashion more coordinated, showing their implicit and connotation, you can choose some solid color bags; Forward type women can choose some avant-garde fashion class, send out their own energetic beauty and alternative, people have a refreshing feeling, recommend the choice of bright colors, more fashionable type.