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How to convert PDF files to TXT

2018-04-23 08:00:01

PDF because of its own superior conditions by the majority of users like, and has become a trend, many documents are displayed in PDF. Some people also find the trouble of PDF, the text in PDF files can not be edited, which brings some trouble to the archiving of data, the computer itself can not recognize the text in PDF files, can not automatically classify and can not find through keywords. Some real people on the text one word input, less files can be accepted, more files to lose to the year of the monkey!


Fast ocr photo text recognition software


The first step: Choose the right software, ocr text recognition software for pdf file conversion to do in-depth research, conversion rate is high.


Step 2: Add a file, click the "Add file" button of the rapid ocr text recognition software, and add the PDF file to the program interface. The software supports adding multiple PDF files.


Step 3: Output options, the ocr text recognition software will save the converted file in the original folder by default, or customize the folder storage path, and finally click on the right "Start conversion" to successfully complete the conversion.