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How to download to the legitimate U3D with crack tutorial

2018-03-01 12:48:00

Unity3D is the foundation for making 3D games. Almost all 3D games we have played were made through U3D. Of course, U3D alone cannot complete a huge task. Here's how to download a legitimate U3D.


U3D cracking machine


Search the U3D official website directly on the search engine,, and get the following interface, with the words download clearly marked in the position. Due to the huge size of the U3D software itself, it is very annoying for students with slow Internet speed. Please refer to the Internet speed is very slow


The installation package is a file called UnityDownloadAssistant. The file name is attached with the version number. The version number downloaded by the small edition is 5.3.1. Click NEXT to proceed to the next step


The NEXT display is the treaty of each software, you must choose accept to allow the installation, the left window after next displays to select the content you need to install, generally the default function is very perfect, if you need more functions, you can choose yourself, in addition, on the right side will comment the information of the left related content.


Next choose the installation path, and pay attention to the lower left corner of the capacity, about 10GB, so to find a suitable place for storage.


Before installing U3D, you need to install some necessary plug-ins, click the next step will appear you need to install plug-ins, you can click between download, generally like to play large 3D games players will have these game plug-ins, beginners can download themselves. The installation page is displayed next.


After the successful installation can be opened to see, there should be a registration interface, login to the official website registration, because the small series has registered, it is not in this tutorial. Like general Adobe software, there will be an activation and trial interface, if you are not assured, you can take a look at it first, and the notes will indicate the download path of the cracking machine. Open the cracking machine with manager permissions, select the path where U3D is located, and click pitch to crack successfully


Then you can use U3D software normally, 5.3.1 U3D special effects need 6.4G or so running memory, if you want to ensure that the software will not crash, in addition to the need for a better computer, but also to develop the habit of saving at any time.

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