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How to equip battlerite mounts

2018-04-23 14:24:28

How to equip battlerite mounts? battlerite "War Ceremony" is a good game, the game mount has ordinary, rare and legendary three kinds of mount, then how to equip battlerite mount? Today to share with you, I hope you like.


Game: battlerite


Many people do not know how to equip a mount because they point to the collection cabinet there, and the collection cabinet cannot be equipped with a mount.


To start the game screen select the mount equipment to equip the mount.


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The Goblin Throne can be obtained by purchasing a Loyal Fan gift pack. This is also the only way to get this legendary level of mount. This mount cannot be activated by key. It's kind of rare but you can get it if you buy a loyal fan pack.


Lava Wolf is a Stunlock award given to famous streamers or influential players. At the same time, streamers or influential players can send extra keys to fans in the form of raffles.


Thunder Wolf Warriors is owned by a very small number of players, and every player who owns Thunder Wolf Warriors is carefully selected by Stunlock. There are only a few types of people who have it, or will have it soon. Developers, battle ceremony league winners, etc.

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