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How to escape in an emergency? ---- witnessed the stabbing incident

2018-05-15 19:12:10

Xiaobian body, the hacking incident happened in my neighborhood. Although friends often remind less to go out, but Xiaobian has its own tips to prevent emergencies, I hope to be accepted by you! Of course we all wish for the world!!!

How to do it?

Especially in places where there are many people, few people will think that suddenly a flying knife will come. But we have to pay attention. First of all, to improve their safety awareness, in crowded places, do not feel a little strange to go too close. Always be careful!!


Improve your ability to reflect once you find something abnormal, how fast, how fast to run (especially girls). Don't put yourself as Bruce Lee, don't think you are the flying Tigers, your fist is not the enemy of others machetes, your fist is not two knives! Techan's heroism, but you can run away with everyone.


You can call on everyone to fight gangsters, after all, there is strength in numbers. Or yell something intimidating, say I've called the police or something.


Find a safe place to hide, look for self-defense weapons When you escape, be sure to find a safe place to take refuge, and don't forget to find one or two self-defense weapons, stones, wood, belts, what you have!


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After successful escape, the first thing to do 110, 110, 110, call 110. Take your time and make the address clear.


Don't spread it around! The police will take care of it! Teach good children, do not do personal heroism without ability

Matters needing attention

The above situation refers to a very special situation, usually in life, or to be brave, come forward!