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How to get the right hairstyle for you?

2018-03-19 14:24:53

Every charming man should have his own set of hairstyle, so how do we make the hairstyle that suits him? Below, we will introduce several ways to make your hair style!!!


Everyday tools; Scissors, comb, mirror


How to get the right hairstyle for you? Simply put, tall people wear long hair. A short word is suitable for medium or short hair, long hair appears gentle, short hair appears, capable.


Round face: too short and too curly hairstyle are not suitable, irregular bangs, can make the face shape line sense, hair length is best with the chin, and the head part can make the face shape longer.


Square face shape: do not focus on the cheek part of the hair, hair length is best not with the chin, not fluffy or. You can focus on the top of the head, the lines of the hairstyle are messy and irregular, and the sense of straight lines should be reduced.


Long face: long and straight and middle line hair is not suitable, it will make the face look longer, can be divided on one side, a little bangs can reduce the length of the face, the ends of the hair should be kept rich, so that the chin appears wider in vision, the head can not comb fluffy, hair cut to ear length, the face will look shorter.


Pointy face: It is not suitable for a wide and narrow hair style, which will make the face more pointy. Suitable for a short and irregular hairstyle, unbalanced hairstyle can reduce the feeling of the sharp face, you can also part the side of the fringe, the rest of the hair can be curled, increase the volume of hair, to balance the narrow face shape.


Depending on what kind of professional personality you have no time to take care of specific you'd better find a professional hair stylist to consult and let him give you a few suitable hairstyle because the hairstyle is mainly to modify the face shape it is best for the publisher to see you but what kind of style you like depends on you

Matters needing attention

Hair can determine a person's appearance. Take care of yourself.