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How to improve the diamond ring color?

2018-04-27 22:24:09

Behind the brilliant diamond are countless people's efforts, in order to make the crystal diamond more brilliant shine, people use a variety of means to complete the project. Diamond surface coating is a method of enhancing the color of diamonds, which is also one of the oldest known treatment methods, dating back to the Georgianperiod. The original method of surface coating was to apply colored foil to the back of gems and diamonds, and then fix these gems and diamonds in a sealed mold. Usually due to the exposure of diamonds to humid air, inspection with a magnifying glass can see that the coating has peeled off, but this wrapping of tin foil will not diminish the value of antiques and jewelry. However, the diamond coating is not permanent and can be easily scraped off or boiled off. Since the invention of foil wrapping jewelry, other methods of surface coating have also been invented. Violet dye and film can be applied to the bottom and waist with yellow diamonds; Since purple and yellow are two opposite colors in the color system, they can weaken each other's color prominence, making the diamond appear brighter. Immersion in water or alcohol will only dilute the stain of the diamond, but sulfuric acid will completely strip the color of the film. Under the observation of a high magnifying glass, we will find that one drawback of this method of wrapping tin foil is that there are some air bubbles left around the diamond. Another method of surface coating is to make the surface of the diamond look very close to the real diamond. In this method, a thin simulated diamond is attached to the surface of the diamond, and the use of this film greatly improves the durability and thermal conductivity of the diamond. As with all other treatments, all surface treatments described above will be revealed and explained when a diamond is submitted for grading.