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How to install and use the free and compact Microsoft antivirus software MSE

2018-05-15 09:36:46

Now, although many anti-virus software are free, but the quality is uneven, Microsoft launched a called "MicrosoftSecurity Essentials" (hereinafter referred to as MSE) anti-virus software, small impact on computer performance, good compatibility (Microsoft's own software is of course the best compatibility), and the most completely free, It can fully meet the needs of daily safety protection.


Windows XP/Vista/7


Microsoft Security Essentials




Visit the website and click the button "Download MicrosoftSecurity Essentials" (strongly despise Microsoft, the Chinese version of the website still uses English buttons?) .


This information is taken from experience without authorization


After the installation package is downloaded, Windows will pop up a security warning, this is because we want to run the software downloaded from the Internet, click the "Run" button.


MSE will start the installation program (or English installation interface, step by step guide here), the first installation interface text tells us the role of MSE, the general idea is to help improve your computer security, click the "Next" button to continue.


Microsoft recommends that you join the Software Improvement Program or choose the option below if you don't want to.


The software will prompt you, in order to ensure computer security, MSE will automatically enable Windows firewall for you, if you do not want to enable the firewall, please uncheck the box before the option. The installation work is ready to begin


Installing multiple anti-virus software on the computer at the same time may cause the computer to run abnormally, MSE prompts you to uninstall other anti-virus software first (except 360 Security Guard, computer home, Guard and other security assistance protection software).


Officially began to install MSE, really appreciate the seriousness of Microsoft's work (but some Settings seem to be a little too wordy, too motherly ~).


After successful installation, MSE will prompt you to immediately upgrade to the latest virus library and scan your computer.

How to use MSE

In daily use, MSE is quite easy to use. MSE through different software interface color theme, prompt your computer security status, at a glance. A green icon indicates that the security status is good.


A yellow icon indicates that the status is fair, or that it may not be protected, and that measures should be taken, such as enabling real-time protection, running system scans, or responding to medium or low severity threats.


The red icon indicates that you are at risk and suggests that you must respond promptly. Click the button to take the suggested action and MSE will clear the detected files and then quickly scan for additional malware.

Matters needing attention

Installation of MSE may require a Windows genuine verification.


Windows 8 already has security components built in, so there is no need to install MSE.


It is highly recommended to use MSE with 360 Security, computer or security.