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How to lose weight at home using the dance mat

2018-04-28 03:12:30

The exercise carried out by using the dance mat is a kind of aerobic exercise because it is carried out indoors, so it can be practiced at any time without the restrictions of weather and time, and it is more suitable for people who love computer games. Generally speaking, the dance carpet is used to exercise, and the heart rate is controlled at about 100-120 times/minute. It should be noted that the dance carpet exercise should adhere to at least half an hour a day to achieve the effect of exercise, if you want to lose weight through this exercise, you need to exercise for more than 45 minutes. At the same time, it is necessary to open the window for ventilation and maintain a good indoor air circulation. How to use a dance mat to lose weight? The steps are as follows: 1. Open the dance mat and lay it flat on the ground. 2, the dance mat connected to the USB port of the computer, and then take out the dance mat with the CD in the optical drive, according to their own situation to choose the right degree of difficulty and like the music, and then you can according to the screen "up and down" all kinds of keys move together! In short, the dance carpet can bring more fun than running, in addition to achieving the purpose of weight loss, with the beat of the music, but also to relax the mood, the purpose of reducing pressure.