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How to Make money at Home (most complete ever)

2018-01-05 17:36:00

Now many students, housewives or other, due to the usual leisure, nothing to do, always want to make money, but it is not like doing outside, the following is the way to make money at home


When you accumulate a certain wealth value, you can go to the mall to exchange physical goods, or through the "flow sharing". Within 1 year after the release of each qualified original experience, the daily effective flow will be converted into cash according to a certain proportion and included in your account; Different levels of return authors, divided into different proportions of return authors are divided into three levels: First, signed authors: through the daily quota or ordinary invitation link to join the return of the author, each original experience thousands of effective page views converted to 3 yuan income. Through the senior author invitation link or promoted by the contracted author, the senior author can become a senior author. The effective page views of each original experience of the senior author will be converted to 4 yuan income. Through the guest author invitation link or promoted by the contracted (senior) author, the guest author can become a guest author. The effective page views of each original experience will be converted into 5 yuan income to write excellent experience. Once the original experience is rated as excellent, you will get 10 yuan bonus immediately


2 In the know to make money, answer other people's questions every day, when the accumulation of a certain wealth value, you can go to the mall to exchange physical goods, sometimes know that there will be activities, according to your ranking, if your ranking meets the requirements, then you will get a certain gift


3 If you are good at writing, you can write novels or some works, publish books, write articles and so on


4 Go to the wicker website to make money, there are many kinds of, interested can go to see the network to do wicker there are two ways to make money, one is to take the task to make money, one is to make money as a marketing partner. Making money on assignments requires real skills: You need to have expertise in design, programming, planning, etc., in order to get people. One is marketing without strength: but it also requires you to have a certain network, such as many fans. It's a lot of money if you're really good at it.


5 Network part-time job. But the network part-time risk, part-time advertising on the network is all over the place, but pay attention, after all, this is easy to be recruited, we can go to the part-time network to find part-time or micro forces


Build a website, then attract a large number of target customers, and then sell ads on the website to provide users with some value-added services. This requires patience and certain technical support, the early stage may be lonely and no income, but more persistence, maybe you can see the sun tomorrow,


Open the net, now many lazy people do not want to open outside, like to open the Internet at home


Fill out a questionnaire Online In foreign countries, many years ago, there are people who specialize in doing surveys. But in China, taking surveys online is a relatively simple and free way to work from home. To make money, you need to fill in questionnaires constantly and accumulate continuously. Filling out questionnaires to make money in China has just emerged, so the author suggests that before you decide to do the call, you must carefully understand the website before doing it. We should not only look at the hardware of the website, but also take the initiative to seriously consult the members ahead and look at the authority of the website. But the price is not very high.


Contribution Some news network ah, some composition network and so on can contribute to earn some extra money, now more and more like the original, so the demand in this area is still very big, is to go to the novel station, apply for a writer, writing: write a good year to earn a million can be! There are a lot of people who are professional writers. Now write those fantasy a lot, also very popular.


You can do handwork at home, make shoes flowers, necklaces and so on


You can upload videos on Youku, Tudou and other video sites, apply for the original can get some share, when accumulated to a certain point, you can go to the mall to exchange physical goods


Guest: Simply say is to help the network to promote goods, find the "alliance" to find the website, after registration, find their own to promote the goods and copy this connection to others to let others buy can get promotion fees


Play games to sell equipment, sell numbers, team up, help people upgrade, etc


Brushing, as for how to brush, OK


At present, there are many ways to make money online, such as writing to make money, voting to make money, survey to make money, etc., and some are to make money by taking tasks, very much, as long as you attentively to find there will always be a suitable method for you. Specifically, some users can write a blog, so write a blog, and then put ads on it to make money. There are many people who do not know where to place advertising, in fact, it is very simple, there are many advertising alliances, we just need to apply for it. For example, the alliance, Google ADSENSE Alliance, etc., the conditions to join them are not high, but you can share advertising revenue with them. As long as insist, will succeed refueling! Vote if it works. O(∩_∩)O Thank you

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