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How to pick pecans

2018-01-05 20:48:00

Now it is the time to taste pecans once a year, and how to choose good quality pecans has become a problem of concern.


First of all, from the appearance point of view, the shape of good quality pecan, its streamlined appearance is a good reflection, deformed pecan destined to become a food in people's mouth.


Then, we try to take a nose smell, fresh pecans have a slight fragrance, which is not the quality of aged pecans.


We can put a pecan in a high place, and then let it go, let it free fall, you can tell from the sound after it falls, whether it is empty, the clearer the sound, the worse.


When you bite into a pecan, look at the flesh. A high-quality pecan has a crispy skin, a golden color, and a sweet taste without a hint of bitterness.


Pecans are not the bigger the better, generally choose an individual with a diameter of about two centimeters, too large or too small is a manifestation of stunting.


What's more, aged pecans and fresh pecans have another important characteristic in the taste, which is that the old pecan meat is not crunchy enough when you chew it.