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How to play Christmas in the haze

2018-03-02 12:48:00

Now some large and small foreign festivals have already entered our lives unconsciously, and people's attention to foreign festivals is no less than the traditional Chinese festivals. Take Christmas as an example, the streets will always spread a thick Christmas atmosphere on the holiday day, and people will welcome the arrival of Christmas with joy. But Christmas is in the cold winter, and the winter is a time of haze, so how to play Christmas if it coincides with haze days? Here are a few small ways for you to summarize, if there are any problems, please forgive me.


Spend Christmas at home with a few friends. Christmas if it coincides with the haze day or choose indoor activities is more conducive to health. You can meet a few friends at home for Christmas. Decorate the home, decorate the room with a representative Christmas tree, so that the room is filled with a thick Christmas atmosphere, and prepare Christmas dinner for friends in person, which is economical and affordable.


Go to a western restaurant for Christmas. Christmas in the haze can not help but make people disappointed, can not go to outdoor Christmas celebration, find a romantic western restaurant and love to feel the warmth of the West! An authentic Christmas meal, red wine and even the Western Christmas must eat Turkey are essential, singing and dancing in the dance of lights, appreciate the romantic heritage of Westerners.


Go to the cinema for Christmas. Whether you are a single person or an intimate couple, you can go to the cinema to see a Christmas blockbuster during the smoggy Christmas Day. A bucket of popcorn, a drink, gradually into the plot of the movie, can also be said to be a more comfortable choice. If you don't like noisy atmosphere, try this quieter way to spend Christmas!


Go to karaoke. Catch up with the haze of Christmas, you can also choose to go to KTV and friends to K song. This way to celebrate Christmas will be more lively, everyone singing at the same time can also release the various pressures in the daily, kill two birds with one stone. In addition, singing is also a physical exercise, because the principle of singing is to learn to use gas, master the correct singing method can effectively consume the heat in the body. So on Christmas Day, a special day for eating and drinking without restraint, going to karaoke with friends after dinner is a good way to avoid calories trapped in your body.


Prepare Christmas presents and go to your parents' house for Christmas. In the hazy days of Christmas, you can prepare gifts to go to your parents' home for Christmas, parents may not pay attention to these foreign festivals or even know. The more so, the more children should prepare gifts to accompany their parents home for Christmas. I believe it must be an unexpected surprise for my parents. In fact, what festival is not important, the key is that the hearts of children and parents are tightly tied together.


Go to church for Christmas. In hazy days, you can go to church for Christmas. Going to church for Christmas can also be said to be an inherent custom in the West, we can taste the Western culture, come to the church to feel the beautiful scene of people praying for themselves and their families. Let your disturbed heart return to calm, if you are not a believer in church prayer, you must do your homework before going, so as not to be rude.


Spend Christmas with an empty nester. In the haze of Christmas, don't just think about how to celebrate yourself, you can arrange a special way to spend Christmas for yourself. Now there are more and more empty nesters, when others are happy to reunite at Christmas, he (she) they are accompanied by loneliness, so, in order to let these empty nesters also feel the happy atmosphere of Christmas, we can play as Santa Claus, for him (she) they send special holiday gifts, so that this bad haze days can not help but reveal a ray of warm sunshine.

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My own experience. Please forgive me if there is anything wrong.