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How to play wide alley

2018-01-09 11:12:00

Wide and narrow Lane is a business card with a long history, where you can touch the traces of history, but also can appreciate the most original leisure lifestyle. Into the wide and narrow alley, you will enter the most, the world's oldest, the most fashionable old business cards, the city meeting room. It is composed of three old-fashioned streets, namely, Kuan Zi, Narrow Alley and Jing Alley, and the Siheyuan community between them, which is the only witness of the Hutong culture and architectural style in the north in the south. It is a relatively large-scale Qing Dynasty ancient street left over, and together with Daci Temple and Wenshu Courtyard, it is known as the three major historic and cultural city protection blocks. The wide and narrow lanes are the epitome of the past of this old and young city, a symbol deep in memory.

Swim "wide narrow alley" must know the thing

1. Narrow alley shows courtyard culture; 2, in the courtyard to taste covered bowl tea, eat authentic Sichuan food; 3. There are bars and teahouses and restaurants in the wide and narrow alley, which are more distinctive. END

The wide and narrow lanes are wonderful to watch

Kuan Alley - The old "leisure life" the name of Kuan Alley in the Qing Dynasty Xuantong period was Xingren Alley. It is said that the Qing army is inlaid here. Touring in this alley, you can walk into the old life experience museum, feel the local customs and some old folk life scenes that are almost lost. In the wide alley, the life spirit represented by the wide and narrow alley is concentrated. The experience museum will display the life scene of an ordinary family in a day during the Republic of China period, and use a courtyard to restore the kitchen, study, hall, and new room of the family to present the old life state to visitors. The audience can also listen to the old people of decades ago, watch girls embroider Shu brocade, watch shadow play at night, watch puppet shows, improvise calligraphy and so on. The wide lane evokes a fond memory of old age.


Narrow Alley - The old "slow life" through the north-south channel, we came to narrow alley, narrow alley in the Qing Dynasty map named Hutong. The entrance of the Qing soldiers gave hope to the people in the war, and the naming of the hutong also represents people's good hope for life. Through the transformation, the narrow alley is mainly green with gold bamboo and climbing plants, the street is decorated with antique wall lamps, and the courtyard will display its business essence through the window. Here is the international format, is a world vision of fashion, here is the most life, taste the slow afternoon in the alley and time stop. Narrow alley, is the old "slow life".


Jing Alley - People's "new life" Jing alley is close to the narrow alley south, Qing Dynasty called Ruyi Alley, after the alley north of Mingde Fang, also known as Mingde alley. After the revolution of 1911, it was changed to Jing Alley and is still in use today. About the name of the well alley, there is a history, as the name suggests, this alley is named because of the well, where is the well? You can look around and find something that will bring you good luck. Jing Alley is the modern interface of wide and narrow alley. It is the most open, diversified and dynamic consumption space of wide and narrow alley. Enjoy colorful food in the most beautiful historical district. Enjoy an evening of sensual pleasures in the finest traditional buildings; In the most classic long alley, enjoy the joy of free creativity. The small House square will be the most distinctive building in the Jing alley, the French small house is said to have been a private residence of a large family, and later became a church. This French-style bungalow shows an open mind that is inclusive. Well alley, is the old "new life".

Wide and narrow alley • Characteristic shops

The slow life of the wide and narrow alley benefits from the super style bar and restaurant bar here. Most of the restaurants and bars in the wide and narrow alley have tasteful names and different styles. For example, "Wide sit", "Width" and "Wide House" are three different restaurants. "Listening to incense" is a dining bar for women, "Point drunk", "Huri", "nine beats", "Jingzhi" is a bar, "broken butterfly", "mill" is a coffee bar. However, the ones mentioned here are only part of it, and the rest are to be discovered slowly by yourself.


Panda House is a popular souvenir of the new school, with the design theme of panda and a strong young design team behind it. The novelty, fashion sense and material of the souvenir are not the same as that of the workshop souvenir. Recommended: Dudu pillow, happy Big foot tissue tube, new notebook, panda kicking shuttlecock porcelain set pot, etc. END

Wide and narrow alley • Traffic

Public transportation: Kuanzhai Alley is located within the inner ring line, convenient transportation, near the People's Park, Qintai Road, Baihuatan Park, etc. Bus: You can take bus 5, 13, 25, 42, 47, 58, 64, 78, 81, 340, 93, 98, 43.


Taxi: Taxi point, taxi point on Tongren Road.