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How to prevent oil leakage and fault analysis of shot blasting machine

2018-04-26 12:48:39

How to deal with oil leakage in shot blasting machine?


Shot blasting machine


Shot blasting machine maintenance


What if the shot blasting equipment finds an oil leak? For the use of the shot blasting machine, there are often some small things leaking oil. : shot blasting machine engine rotation shaft oil leakage, shot blasting machine engine switch oil leakage and a series of oil leaks. So in the face of these sudden oil spills, what should we do? First of all, let's talk about the solution to the oil leakage of the shot blasting machine engine rotation shaft, which includes the clutch handle shaft of the gear shift shaft of the starter and the pressure reduction shaft of the shot blasting machine engine. Causes and measures: If the shaft and hole wear each other, the gear shift shaft and clutch handle shaft of the starter can be cut out the sealing ring groove on the lathe, and the sealing rubber ring of the corresponding size can be installed. If the rubber ring of the pressure reducing shaft fails due to aging, a new rubber ring should be replaced. How to deal with shot blasting machine engine switch oil leakage. Switches include water valves, fuel tank switches and gasoline switches. If the ball valve is worn or rusted, the rust between the ball valve and the seat hole should be removed, and the appropriate steel ball should be selected instead. If the sealing filler and fastening thread of the engine of the shot blasting machine are damaged, the fasteners and sealing filler should be repaired or replaced. If the cone joint surface is not tight, fine valve sand and oil grinding can be used.


Shot blasting machine fault analysis 1. Abnormal sound fault analysis: 1. Collision sound occurs during idling, which is generally the sound caused by friction between the blade and the protective liner when the blade is running at high speed. 2. After running, add the projectile to make a sound. Generally, the directional sleeve and the parting wheel are different, and the parting wheel is eccentric. Squeeze the end face with the directional sleeve or projectile to make a sound. Troubleshooting: 1. Stop the machine, open the gap between the protection plate on the maintenance side of the protective cover so that it is not less than 5mm, or adjust the position of the directional sleeve and the shot parting wheel to make it. 2. The machine should be shut down, remove and import, and check the shot distributing wheel, so that the gap between the directional sleeve and the shot distributing wheel, the directional sleeve, the shot distributing wheel, and the shot importing should be guaranteed to be 2-2.5 times the maximum diameter of the shot.


2. Analysis of serious vibration failure in operation: 1. Blade wear is serious, so that the blade is seriously biased. 2. The two binding surfaces connected by the blade and the binding disc are not tightly attached, the screws are not evenly fixed, and the blade is offset. 3. The directional sleeve is loose, and the blade is rubbed, and the blade is broken in serious cases. Troubleshooting: 1. Check the blade wear condition before changing the blade. The weight difference of each blade shall not exceed 4g, and the weight difference of the two blades shall not exceed 32.2 on the same diameter. Note that when installing, the joint surface of the blade and the bonding disk should be tightly fastened, and the screws should be fastened evenly. 3. Adjust and fix the directional sleeve so that it is connected with the blade and the pellet wheel.


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4. Failure analysis of poor sand separation: 1. Insufficient ventilation of the separator. 2. The separator pellet sand quantitative valve is not properly adjusted, and the pellet sand can not form the thin curtain of the pellet sand with certain requirements. 3. The separator and separating screen are blocked by debris. Troubleshooting: 1. Equipped with enough air fan. 2. The grit metering valve of the separator should be adjusted repeatedly. 3. Remove impurities in the separator and sieve in time.

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