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How to propose more successfully? What are some romantic ways to propose marriage?

2018-01-09 04:48:00

The romance of the wedding season comes, looking at the lovers after a couple of couples eventually become married, are you at the age of 30 also moved? Are you frantically looking for tips on how to make a marriage proposal more successful? Let the mountain people tell you what are the romantic ways to propose, the high success rate will make you successfully hold the beauty home!




Engagement ring


Playing card


You may meet a lot of people in your life, but there is always someone who will accompany you to the end, cry with you, laugh with you, and grow old together. This is also the end of the fairy tale, so when proposing, you can also choose some way to meet the taste of girls, say the dream Prince charming style proposal. Prepare some props for marriage proposal in advance, marriage ring and a large number of roses, then rent a horse, preferably white, if possible to decorate the horse as dreamily as possible, in a large open space, prepare a rose gate, as the castle gate, with roses paved a red avenue, which is the road to love and happiness. When she walks here, you take out your engagement ring, propose to her, and ride off to a happy life together on a white horse!


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The church is a sacred and solemn place, and many people will choose to express their vows and commitments in the church when they are married. In fact, the wedding can be in the church, the proposal is the same, you can also choose in the church, so as to be able to let the other party feel your sincerity. Prepare the wedding ring and roses in advance, and under the guidance of the priest, start your solemn and sacred marriage proposal!


Women are usually more cautious on the issue of marriage, the proposal can be described as a test of their men, the romantic perfection of the proposal or not, will determine whether you can win the girl's heart. That's why so many men want to know what romantic ways to propose. How to propose more successfully? Follow the ideas above for a stunning and romantic proposal. What are you waiting for?