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How to soothe newborn crying

2018-04-23 00:00:45

Many newborns are always crying, many times a day, and some even cry, so that new mothers and fathers of us scrambling, do not know how to deal with. The crying of the newborn is likely to make the mother feel tired, and may even lead to postpartum depression, which may also lead to many problems, feeding difficulties, marriage problems, etc. Here are some soothing tips for new parents.


Swaddling usually refers to newborns, will say swaddling baby, swaddling is a good way to comfort. Before birth, the baby lives in the mother's womb, and the womb tightly wraps him, making him feel very safe. He may not adapt to the environment after birth and feel afraid will cry, then with a small blanket or quilt wrapped in the baby, they will feel safe again, slowly will stop crying. When wrapping a newborn, you can wrap it as tightly as possible, but do not interfere with the baby's normal breathing.


Under normal circumstances, parents like to let the baby lie flat in their arms, but when the baby is crying, this method is not useful. When the newborn is just born, they will feel very strange, because the mother's womb is warm and safe, this sudden change will stimulate some kind of reflection of the baby, they will keep crying, then the baby will be upright or side hold, the baby's mood will be relieved, they will slowly calm down.


The baby is still unborn, living in the mother's womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid, it feels like living on the sea. When the mother moves, such as walking, turning over when sleeping, etc., the fetus feels only a slight shake, just like sitting on a boat, so they are not unfamiliar with this feeling, but also like it. When the baby is born, when they are upset and crying, you can gently shake the baby, so that they feel familiar and will be quiet. However, the movement must be small when shaking, because the baby's brain is not yet developed, and improper shaking will hurt the brain.


When the sound placates the fetus in the mother, their hearing has been formed, the mother's voice, the heartbeat, the sound of gastrointestinal peristalsis, the sound of blood flow, etc., the baby can hear, these are familiar environmental sounds. Babies' hearing is not yet fully developed, and they may find louder sounds suitable for adults. When the baby cries, you can create this environmental sound for them, such as the sound of water, the sound of the sea, and the sound of soothing music, which can make the baby feel safe and calm down.


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Matters needing attention

Most of the crying of newborns is to feel the change of the environment and upset, as long as they return to the familiar environment feeling, they will calm down, so parents should be a little patient.