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How to teach your baby to speak correctly

2018-01-09 03:12:00

My baby is now more than three months old, now will say a lot of words, basically will be called, more than eight months will call mom and dad, how to correctly teach the baby to learn to speak, some of the following views are only personal views






Pay attention to daily communication, when we take care of the baby in daily life,! "When feeding your baby water, say," Drink water." When you look in the mirror, point to the mirror and say to the baby "This is the baby", "this is the mother". When going out, you can point out the scenery to your baby and tell him what it is


When speaking to the new baby, the voice should be soft and the speed of speaking should be slow: the mother can sing children's songs gently to the baby; Read poetry to children, "Three-character Classic" and so on. However, the mother must grasp the degree, the language stimulation can not be too frequent, the time should not be too long, so as to avoid the exhaustion of the baby's brain and nerves, the result is counterproductive.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


The sooner babies can point with their index fingers, the sooner they can express their needs and speak. At 8-10 months, babies already use gestures to express their needs, touching an object with their fingers to get their mother's attention, hoping to meet their needs. We would point to things in our house and tell him what they were, and a few days later you would ask him where something was and he would point it to you.


As your baby learns to speak, parents should try to minimize negative phrases like "Don't touch it" or "stop, don't do that." Positive and positive words will give your baby great confidence. For example: the baby is naughty, grab a teacup to play, you may wish to change a ball to him, say: "Let's play ball together." The mother rolls the ball over, the baby catches it and rolls it to the mother."


Babies are born to love games, and they can learn a lot from interacting with games. Parents, in life to often play games with the baby, to create a happy atmosphere. Touch the nose game, you and the baby sit face to face, let him look at you. When you say something about your body, ask your baby to point it out. You ask him, "Where is Mommy's nose?" Your baby will point to your nose. You can also ask your baby to follow your verbal cues and point to your body parts.

Matters needing attention

Happy communication, do not put pressure on the baby