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How to train a dog - the need to stay

2018-04-26 17:36:02

Stay is a good exercise that can be done at any time of the night and teaches your dog not to beg at your table or to relax while you watch TV or read a book. You may want to prepare a stuffed toy stuffed with food, ask it to lie down, and give it the stuffed toy when it follows your instructions. After it has chewed on the stuffed toy for a few minutes, take it away to interrupt its chewing. Instruct it to sit for a while (about ten seconds, if it persists effectively), then judge and praise it, and give it the stuffed toy again. After a few minutes, interrupt it again by removing the stuffed toy and instructing it to sit and have fun for about ten seconds, rubbing its belly if it likes, or playing a quick round of "which hand". Then praise it again and instruct it to sit. As soon as it sits down, you give it the stuffed animal and repeat what you did. Each time you take the stuffed animal away, you have to do something different or change the order of instructions to motivate it to win the stuffed animal back.