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How to train Pomeranian accompanying, Pomeranian training tips

2018-01-08 04:48:00

How do you train a Pomeranian to accompany you? We always want to have a cute and well-behaved Pomeranian, so that when we go out with the Pomeranian, we will have a proud expression on our face. When we go out with the Pomeranian, there will usually be some cases of the Pomeranian not listening, which will give us a headache, so if we want the Pomeranian to accompany us when walking, we need some training skills. If we don't have a way to do this, the Pomeranian will often have problems, and if we want the Pomeranian to respond to our commands, we need to have a certain amount of patience in the training process.


Choose a clean environment, flat ground, so that the Pomeranian to "by" commands and gestures to form a conditioned reflex. To begin your Pomeranian training, take your Pomeranian for a short walk to get rid of the poop and familiarize yourself with the environment. Then, hold the leash with your left hand (20 to 30 cm from the collar), then call the Pomeranian's name to attract its attention, and issue the "lean" command, while the trainer's left leg forward, and pull the leash forward, at a brisk pace, or in the form of a large circle to accompany the Pomeranian, each time the training accompanying the stroke, Generally not less than 100 ~ 150 meters. When stopping the accompanying training, the command "sit" should be issued, and the accompanying training should be finished by sitting on the left side.


During the training process, if the Pomeranian appears ahead, it should issue the "by" command, while pulling the leash back, and making short strides to return the Pomeranian to the correct position, and the Pomeranian can not be trained quickly to adapt to the speed of the Pomeranian. If the Pomeranian falls behind, it also issues a "go" command, and quickly pulls the leash to let the Pomeranian walk faster, while the Pomeranian trainer is still at the original speed. If the Pomeranian deviates or clings to the trainer, pull the leash in an emergency to return the Pomeranian to the correct position, and say "yes" or pat it as a reward after it corrects its position.


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To begin the workout, tap your left hand on the side of your thigh while saying "lean" and pulling on the traction band. When the Pomeranian deviates from the correct position, the trainer first gestures, then gives the command and pulls the leash, so that the Pomeranian returns to the correct position, and then gives a reward. This is repeated training until the Pomeranian has formed a conditioned response to commands and gestures.


In addition, food, items, etc. can also be used to induce the Pomeranian and the Pomeranian trainer side by side. As long as the Pomeranian is kept in the correct position according to the order, the reward is given, so repeated training can also make the Pomeranian form a conditioned reflex for the "by" command and hand signal.


Although the lovely and lively character of the Pomeranian dog brings us a lot of fun, but things always have two sides, the lively character of the Pomeranian dog often brings us a lot of trouble, such a situation makes the Pomeranian dog we are very helpless, if we use some extreme methods to treat the Pomeranian dog, so the spiritual distance between the Pomeranian dog and us will be farther and farther. If you want a Pomeranian to behave, we need to quickly learn the above method.