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How to use eyebrow powder to draw eyebrows good-looking

2018-03-16 09:36:00

How to use eyebrow powder to draw eyebrows good-looking? Drawing a suitable eyebrow can modify the shape of the face and increase the three-dimensional sense of the face. And this spring, the most popular is to use eyebrow powder to draw thick eyebrows. So how to use eyebrow powder to draw eyebrows pretty? The following is a detailed explanation of the steps of using eyebrow powder to draw natural eyebrow shape.


1. Before the eyebrow, use the eyebrow brush against it. Frown from the top to the head, gently combing the lines of the hair.


2. Use a brush dipped in dark eyebrow powder to lightly outline and fill in the gaps between your eyebrows.


3. Repeat the previous step and brush the middle of your eyebrows slightly.


4. Gradually reduce the intensity and color at the brow end, bringing out a natural feel.


5. With the rest of the powder, frown and fill in the color.


6. Above the eyebrows, draw the shape between the brows and finish the brow crest. Use a small amount of pinkbaby Brow Element and gently rub over the top of your eyebrows to keep them moist.


Seven. The right part of the upper eyelid depicts a bright color.


8. Use an eyebrow brush to adjust the whole brow line again.