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How to view the dispersion of an online lending platform?

2018-05-15 06:24:43

We all know that the more decentralized the borrowing business of online lending platforms, the better, because the more decentralized the borrowing, the less susceptible the platform is to regional or industry-specific risks, and when a single borrower defaults, the smaller the risk loss of the platform. Decentralization means security, that is the wisdom of the financial world. So, how to look at the dispersion of an online lending platform?


If most of the borrowing enterprises on the industry diversification platform belong to the same industry, the platform is prone to concentration risks once it meets the impact of the industry cycle downturn and policy restrictions. At present, many platforms involve supply chain finance, including steel trade, mahogany, film and television culture and many other industries. Supply chain finance relies on core enterprise credit to help the platform achieve high-quality risk control. However, at the same time, as borrowing businesses all come from upstream and downstream enterprises in the same industry, the industry is poorly dispersed and prone to centralized defaults.


This information comes from experience


The central bank sets two indicators for the loan business of commercial banks: (1) the loan balance/total capital of the same borrowing customer is not more than 15%; (2) The loan balance/total capital of the largest ten borrowers is not more than 50%. At present, there are many online loan platforms to do enterprise business, the amount of single loan is high, the term is longer, and the total capital of the platform itself is very low, and the ratio of loan balance to total capital is even higher than the above two indicators, and the risk is high. In terms of loan distribution, the more dispersed the platform loan, the higher the degree of security. Ease of financing is almost carried out in this way, you can go to the reference, this degree of dispersion can be measured by the borrower HHI.


The investment is dispersed in the investment distribution, and the more dispersed the investment amount, the higher the degree of safety. This dispersion can be measured by the investor HHI.

Matters needing attention

Investment is risky, the market needs to be cautious, the choice of platform can be from the platform's establishment time, risk control system, customer service return visit system, whether overdue, whether there is their own technology research and development team and risk control team, annualized rate of return for comprehensive analysis, so as to minimize the risk, to protect their own income, ease of integration system is relatively sound.