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How to write round letters in English

2018-01-06 04:48:00

Some friends do not know how to write English round character, now Xiaobian and you talk about how to write English round character, I hope to help you.


Note that the difference between round and italics is that capital letters are also linked together.


A's writing starts from the bottom right, one stroke in a row, B from the top left, straight to the end.


b Start from the bottom right, different from italics, and write the semicircle counterclockwise from the bottom.


D is not easy to write, write a vertical first, turn to write a large semicircle on the vertical hook out of the stroke.


E-f-g-h Lowercase E is basically the same as G, E is like an inverted 3, F is first a stroke back and forth on the vertical, picked up to the left, G after writing the semicircle naturally down, similar to lowercase G. H is divided into two strokes, one similar to F and one similar to A.


I-j-k-l in which lowercase I,J, K, L is basically the same, in the appropriate position to add a stroke, I in the distance to draw a stroke,J like F first,k after the stroke is written vertically,l written in one stroke.


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Q-r-s-t lowercase s, T, Q is just added to the line,q like 2 is very easy to write, r and italic writing is very different, after a horizontal stroke, then write an inverted 3, s pen from the bottom left,t after a circle to write a horizontal and then drag down a vertical.


The four letters U-V-W-X are almost identical to italics, y-z lowercase Y is the same, and Z is basically the same as Z.