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Introduction to mountain biking

2018-03-02 11:12:00

First, mountain bikes. As the name suggests, mountain bikes are designed to run mountain bikes, which is the original intention of the design, but I believe that we can not run on the mountain road all day, so there is no need to discuss playing on the non-mountain road.


The so-called entry-level mountain bike is to let the novice understand the structure and basic principles of the mountain bike and master some maintenance technology of the car, basically as long as the play, this car is sure to be replaced, because with their own improvement, the requirements of the car are getting higher and higher, and the intensity of the entry-level mountain bike can hardly guarantee a long period of intense movement. There's not much value for money in these cars.


When a novice chooses a mountain bike, he will ask, "Is xxx's mountain bike better or xxxx's mountain bike better?" There are a lot of questions like this, so let me ask you, what kind of mountain bike do you need? What is "good"? To tell you the truth, the entry-level mountain bike is almost the same, and it is better to ride more than the configuration model and find the right posture to prepare for the future (if there is a future).


Want to play mountain bike, tools are necessary, there is basically no place to repair the car, do not rule out the possibility of rich call rescue. Work to good things must first sharpen its machine, hex wrench is necessary, commonly used and 6mm, 5mm, 4mm. These three tools must be used with good quality, and the production tolerance of poor quality tools is relatively large, which is easy to damage the hex screw. Patch, glue, small file, air cylinder. I went to the bicycle accessories shop to spend 5 yuan to get it done, including 48 pieces of tire repair, a glue and a small file, there is no need to buy a professional, more expensive. Look at your wallet to buy the gas cylinder, not much explanation, it is best not to buy can hit the front fork. If it is a disc brake, the basic entry level is a six-pin disc, and the disc screw is basically a T25 screw, so it is also possible to match a good quality T25 wrench. A screwdriver, a cross - shaped one will do.


Some beginners will ask, is there a cheaper starter car? If you can't even get the money for an entry-level car, you should think about "how to make money" first, after all, the follow-up costs of mountain bikes are a lot. The budget of buying a car is not only the price of the bike, but also the budget of the helmet and the budget of the necessary tools. Remember that. About the starter car upgrade. I personally experience, change a certain piece led to other imbalance, atx660 changed the card after 24 speed, the dial is not matched, so he changed the dial, long brake handle for off-road is a big failure, so changed the split, later found that the tooth disk is very soft, changed 410 square holes, and then changed the cushion, changed the front fork, changed the handlebars, changed the wheel set, The last part is not left. All this is to say that upgrading is troublesome, costly and expensive.


Then there is the basic selection of mountain bikes ====== frame selection: 165cm below the use of 16 inch and 15.5 inch frame 165~175cm, giant frame with S, other 17 inch frame 175~185cm, 18 inch 185~195cm, 19 inch 195 or more can take their own try 20 inches or 21 inches above, vary from person to person. On the issue of cycling clothing, a mountain biker must have a cycling clothing, at least cycling pants, cycling clothing can effectively reduce wind resistance, quick drying, sweat. Don't be afraid of people's eyes. They don't wear swimsuits when they swim? Playing mountain bike, falling is a must, after falling to consider the reasons for falling, it is important to maintain a sober brain, do not act emotionally. Finally, I wish you all a good time